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We specialise in Western Red Cedar Roofing, Slate and Clay tiles.

Cedar Roofing go all over Australia.
We deal direct with our mill in Canada which enables us to provide our clients with a VERY high end quality product at affordable prices.

Cedar Roofing is the ONLY roofing product that is:
- 100% Natural
- Sustainable
- Renewable
- ZERO carbon footprint.

Depending on the cut and method used to lay a Cedar Roof the life expectancy is from 25 years +

Cedar's natural oils ensure:
- Minimal Maintenance (i.e., no requirement to oil/seal)
- High Durability
- Termite Resistant
- Hail Resistant
- Secure in winds up to 208kmph (approx 130mph) - category 3 cyclone
- High natural ventilation
- High natural acoustic and sound insulation properties

There are many different "cuts" available which ensure the longevity, integrity and beauty of your roof.

A Cedar Roof has the highest natural ventilation and insulation values of any roof and has exceptional acoustic properties.

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