Combine Roman blinds with the Interior of Your Home

03 June 2021

Each house reflects the personality of its owner. Decorating and designing a home should be done sincerely and in a proper way to reflect a perfect image of you. See how we take planning seriously when it comes to decorating our homes?

 A spacious living room with a sectional sofa can mean the owner enjoys hosting dinner parties and accommodating large numbers of people. A long hallway adorned with paintings or photographs of landscapes can mean that the owner is a traveller or an artist by profession. A house with windows adorned with Roman shutters can mean that the owner is fascinated by ancient Rome and other classical pieces.

 Roman blinds are said to originate from the Mediterranean. Ancient Rome was marked by a hot climate. People travel with cars on unpaved roads. Imagine a large amount of dust rising in the air and eventually sticking to almost any place left outside. It can also effortlessly make its way inside homes, finely covering clothing, ovens, and even food. It is believed that Roman shades were created to prevent dust from entering homes.

 Today, Roman blinds are still used for this reason. This is a type of blind designed to lay flat against any window without slats or openings to prevent dust and other types of debris from entering the home. It can be opened and closed by gathering it in horizontal folds from below using ropes or remote controls.

 Roman shades offer a number of benefits, including controlled privacy. It can be completely closed in the same way with the lockable roller shutters so that no one can look through. This trait is also beneficial in preventing strong sunlight from entering through windows, reducing the temperature and the chances of damaging furniture in your homes.

 While Roman blinds were invented for practical purposes, it didn't take long for them to be treated as window decoration. Roman shades are made from almost all types of fabrics such as silk, polyester, linen, and cotton. Some are made of plastic and even strong paper. This type of awning is so popular that you can easily buy and pick it up in DIY stores. In addition, it is better to personalise them to fit perfectly on your windows. Plus, they are available in an endless variety of designs, colors and textures to suit your preferences.

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