Common Mistakes When Choosing an Aluminium Shutter

10 October 2021

 Aluminium shutters are an excellent option for your house. They provide excellent protection from the sun and weather while also giving you privacy when needed. However, they can be expensive to purchase and install. With this in mind, you must make an educated decision about which shutter to buy before purchasing one. This article will discuss 11 mistakes people commonly make when choosing their aluminium shutters and how you can avoid these problems with some simple tips!

Mistakes people make when choosing shutters and blinds

Purchasing shutters that are too small for your window. 

You should always measure the size of your window before you purchase new aluminium shutters! If possible, have an expert help determine how big the shutter needs to be so everything fits properly. There are many cases where people provide rough estimates on their window size, but this won't provide you with the best possible product fit. Shutters that are too small for your window can lead to several problems, including reducing light coming into your room and looking cheap because they don't properly cover the window. You can save time and money if you take the necessary steps to ensure correct measurements to avoid this problem.

Being unsure if they are the best option because of cost. 

Shutters may be more expensive than other window coverings, but their benefits greatly outweigh these costs when you consider how much money shutters will save you on your energy bills. Sometimes, people miss out on things just because they are afraid to spend more money. Shutters should not be one of these things!

People will often go with the cheapest option because they are afraid to spend more money, but it is essential to remember that quality comes at a price. You should never skimp on something as integral as shutters for your home if you want them to last over time: plastic or vinyl. 


Buying an aluminium shutter with no built-in insect protection 

If you live in areas where humidity is high, insects are among the worst problems you can encounter. If your shutters are not well protected, they can swarm inside your home, especially during weather changes. It's a mistake to think that this won't happen to you if your shutters are made of aluminium. Also, moisture can attack infestation in the nooks and crannies of your window, which will be hard to clean. 

Not taking into account any obstructions on either side of the window when installing shutters.

Another problem encountered by homeowners ordering online is that they don't include possible obstructions in their planning.  When you buy your shutters and blinds, consider all possible obstructions i.e. floor lamps and furniture that may be in the way of where you want to put them- this will save frustration later on! 

Choosing a style of aluminium shutter that won't work well with your home's exterior design.

Though aesthetics may not be that important when safety and protection is concerned, there's nothing wrong with choosing something that fits your design and still does the job.  Aluminium shutters can work well with different interior designs as it has a neutral colour, which goes well with both light and dark themes inside your rooms. 

Saving on price at the expense of quality.

It's not always a good idea to purchase the cheapest aluminium shutters you can find. Remember, they won't last as long as those with higher quality and may even require regular maintenance or replacement after some time.  Be ready to spend more on better quality if it means getting something efficient in keeping out humidity and insects. When we're talking about shutters and blinds, cheap is not always the best. 

 In conclusion, it's not a bad idea to own aluminium shutters for your house as they are cost-efficient and durable. However, if you want something that will last years, be ready to spend more on better quality products. There are times when trying to save money is a mistake because product quality is what's vital in every purchase you make, and quality will always cost more.

With so many benefits, it’s not hard to understand why so many Aussies are jumping on board and giving their homes an upgrade with plantation shutters. The Shutters Quickly range has something for everyone, so give us call now to find out what will suit your needs best.