Complete Guide for an Automatic Gate Installation

14 April 2018

In our contemporary lives, an appeal towards the automatic technology has become a component in our lives. Automatic gates can provide you more convenience and security. You can easily install these gates in your residential and commercial property. With them gaining trend, it has become quite common to find one in our offices, garages, people’s home, factories etc. Even you can also find these automatic gates in the commercial parking lot because these gates are extremely useful for high traffic zones. You can customize an automatic gate for your residential area and protect your home with these gates.

Varieties in Automatic Gates

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The reasons are many to consider automatic Gate Installation besides the basics that come in handy which is security, convenience and to some extent greater property value, but choosing the best type of gates is really difficult. Automatic Gate Installation could be of a swing, sliding or lift gate and each of them has its own advantage and disadvantage associated with it. Getting into some more details, there are three types of categories in gates and those are as below:

1. Swing Gates: These are the most common and widely used especially among residential owners. To quite an extent, many businesses also have started choosing swing gates. Be it in office or post, they are hung from posts or pillars and open or close much like a non-automatic door. Depending on your need, you can choose between single or double paneled swing gate. The only point of consideration with such doors is the minimum horizontal space they require to operate these gates and you must install them by trained professionals only. .

2. Sliding Gates: As mentioned above, if space is an issue in your residence or office for the swing gate to operate, a sliding gate would be an ideal solution. Also known as cantilevered gates, they can even be installed in your inclined garages as these gates are installed at an angle. These are most commonly used in commercial situations and unwrap themselves side to side, on a track.

3. Lift Gates: As understood from its name, its door operates in a lifting manner. These are perfect for small spaces and you can often find them installed in urban areas which mostly have an issue of confined space for their doors. Though even installed in fewer residences, you can also find these gates in the commercial parking garages. In comparison to sliding gates and particularly if you deal with space issues, lift gates can be a perfect solution for you.

Common Issues with Automatic Gate Installation

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1. Operates Automatically: As what may comprehend from its name, automatic gate should operate automatically, and it wouldn’t do so if the work around its installation isn’t proper. So to avoid such situation, a lot of care needs to be taken in the very start.

2. Slope Issues: Well I wouldn’t say to ignore sliding gates, but uphill and disoriented surface are often cause a problem. Additional equipment that does not put much strain on these gates will be a good option to avoid this.

3. Underground Motors: As these fixtures require you to dig and install panels that support its motors, an important point to ensure is that the underground drainage isn’t hampered.

So if you find any of the above issue in your automatic gate then you can call the automatic gate installation services. They are not only installing the gates, but they can also provide you the after-sales-services at competitive prices. So next time, when you install the automatic gates, you must search the automatic gate installation services online and choose the best one according to your needs.