Confused About Installing Split Air Conditioners? Here Are Some Top Benefits Of Split System

05 October 2020

Split air conditioning system, as the name implies, is split into two or more units. One unit is placed indoor and the other unit is placed outside, approximately 100 meters away from the indoor unit. A Split system is a companaied with a compressor, and is placed outside the building, on the ground or on brackets hung onto the wall.

Among the multiple options of AC, the split air-conditioning system is one of the best options for residents due to its incredible features and benefits to homeowners.

Here are some key benefits of installing a split system air conditioner installation:

An easier installation process

Compared to the traditional air conditioning system, split systems are easy to install. One of the main reasons behind this unit’s easy installation is there is no ductwork needed to install. It only requires a copper connector to connect the indoor and outdoor unit that measure around 3 inches in diameter.

The installation is also cost-effective as it requires minimum efforts and only little modification is required for the fittings. The absence of dut work and other complex installation means less labour work and costs, therefore, cost-effective, easy, and quick installation. 

Silent & energy efficient

Most centralised systems have a habit of eating too much energy due to heat exchange. Because the split system does not use ductwork, there is a little opportunity for heat or energy loss. Split systems are perfect for those “stubborn” rooms that might lack ventilation or airflow. As less energy will be used in heat exchange, it will not increase the utility bill.

Also, split air conditioners operate very silently. They do not make any noise and function with great quietness and are ideal for classrooms, libraries, bedrooms, boardrooms, and other facilities that demand as little noise as possible.

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This is one of the most common loved reasons why the split system air conditioning in Sydney is gaining popularity.

They blend with the decor

With the split system, indoor installation is highly flexible. You can suspend them from your ceiling or hang them on walls. In addition to easy installation, split offers elegant and sophisticated design and jackets that are aesthetically appealing. Moreover, with the split unit, we hardly need to create a few holes in the wall for installation. The system is presentable and looks great in the room of all sizes.

Heat capabilities

Split units have additional heat capability. Other than providing full control of the air conditioner, many split air conditioners have an option for climate control. This is excellent for using year-around with the utmost comfort without being affected by climate change.

Great Flexibility

As split units are easy to install, individual rooms can have their own cooling system. The split air conditioning systems are available in different sizes so we can install the right size based on the size of the room. This is particularly useful and cost-effective for rooms that are really used or only used during certain times of the day. 

Air purification

Many split systems models will purify the air entering the house so that allergens and dust are prevented from circulating in the building. Air purification is important in eliminating the health risk that can be caused by these particles such as headaches, eye irritation, allergies and breathing problems. 

Wrap up!

The split air conditioner has the best cooling capacity and is quite functioning. They are also easy to maintain and do not require regular cleaning and maintenance. If you are looking for the aircon installation Sydney, Omni Air Conditioning will provide high-quality service.