Confused With Choosing Materials To Build Your House? Keep These Simple Tips in Mind!

10 November 2020

Building a new home or making changes in the old one both jobs requires a lot of effort. The process of building a house takes you through troughs and crests. The journey isn’t an easy one, but it surely gives you an insight into the bigger picture of building a structure right from the foundation.  

Building a house from the foundation is no joke. Choosing the right materials and sourcing them is a crucial part of the process. Make sure you pay enough attention to it. The Bunker has the best timber on the Sunshine Coast. They stock complete building materials for building houses. However, sometimes with the plethora of building materials, one can get overwhelmed. 

Here are some points to consider when you are looking at building materials. 

The efficiency of the materials 

The most important thing to look for in building materials is the efficiency of the materials you are choosing to build your dream house. Source efficient materials that fulfill your requirements according to the type of the house you are planning to build. 

You might not always need the costliest of the materials for your home. Find efficient products that suit your requirements. Some materials used in building a multi-story building might be unnecessary for your single-story home. Spend your money wisely on efficient materials.


One thing to never compromise on is the durability and quality of the materials you are choosing for the foundation of your home. Building a house is a one-time affair, and choosing the materials that will support the foundation of your home for years and years is very important. 

Using cheap materials that are not durable enough will hamper the integrity and structure of your house. The strength and making of the materials greatly affect durability.

If you are planning to use wooden materials such as planks and logs, The Bunker provides the best timber supplies on Sunshine Coast. Using timber, pine, Merbau, cypress pine, southern pine ochre in the structures of your house make it durable and strengthening. These materials are profoundly used for timber floorings on the Sunshine Coast.

Study the properties of the materials that you are planning to use 

This might seem like a huge task, but it is crucial. Studying the properties of the materials will give you a deeper understanding of how and where to use the specific material. Some materials perform differently as per climate conditions and usage. For example, you’ll need different materials if you are planning for your patio or backyard compared to the materials that are used indoors. 

Sometimes your requirements might need materials those insulation properties. Hence, a thorough study of the materials will help you choose the best materials. 

A good timber provides durability, hardness, strength, and fire-resistive properties. Hence, if you are looking for the following properties, timber is your best bet. Find the best variety of decking timber on the Sunshine Coast at The Bunker. 

Value for Money 

It is very easy to get carried away and make bigger and unwanted expenses in the want to create a humble abode. Save your pocket from such unwanted expenses so that you can wisely spend on necessary items. Be money-wise and look for ‘value for money’ materials. 

Construction material is not cheap but what you can do is get the right value of what you are paying for. Research about the products. Make a comparison chart of different materials and their prices. Compare the values for the cost of the material. 

The only way to save yourself from unnecessary expenditures is to make aware of choices and purchases.

Considering these points will help you build a homely space for you and your loved ones.