Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Windows on A Budget

22 August 2021

Do you have some windows that need to be covered to gain privacy and also make the window and the room attractive? When looking to cover windows, your first thought would go to purchasing blinds and shutters in Sydney, but what if you are on a really tight budget? Many new home owners, especially young couples starting their life together in a new home, may not have the funds to actually go out and buy shutters or blinds in Sydney to cover those windows. In such an instance what do you do? You definitely can’t keep those windows bare, can you?


Actually, there are a number of very cheap ways to dress up your windows beautifully and uniquely, in most cases using things that you are about to throw away. So, by reusing these, you will also be doing the environment a favour, while giving your windows and exclusive new look.


Here are some great ideas on how you can cover up those dull windows:

-          Colourful bottles – If you have any old bottles of varying heights, you can colour these with different coloured paints (if you can’t find any coloured bottles, that is) and line them up across the window sill. They will give you enough privacy, while still letting in light, and will add a lovely splash of colour to the room.


-          Frosted stencil – Using a stencil and glass etching cream you can cut out a beautiful design for the window, which will give you privacy but still let in enough light, and also give you a view of the outside. It is a very unique way to cover up the window to suit your purpose, and a very low-cost solution as well.


-          Lace – Lace makes a wonderful cover for the windows and one that is not very expensive. You can cut the lace fabric to the size of the window glass and paste it using a transparent adhesive. It gives a similar look to the frosted stencil effect, but takes a much shorter time to complete.


-          Faux stained glass – Using transparent stickers of whatever design you like (can be florals, fruits and vegies, or even cartoon characters for a kid’s room) and sticker dividers you can create your own faux stained glass, to give a classy look to those windows. This method is ideal for any room in the house, and will only cost you the price of the materials needed.


-          Contact paper – Contact paper can give your windows a lovely frosted glass look, and it takes very little time to do. You can measure the glass and paste strips of contact paper, leaving enough gaps to both let in the light and give you a view of the outside.


-          Paintings – If you have any nice paintings, maybe some done by your kids, these are the ideal cover up for a window. You can simply get them framed, and place them in front of the window as a display. Gives you the privacy you need, and keeps the kids happy because you are displaying their creative work for all to see.


-          Plants – placing potted plants along the window sill, or along the ground for tall windows, is another great way to give you some privacy but keeping your view of the outside intact. It also lets in as much natural light as possible, and gives the room a very eco-friendly feel to it.


-          Shelves – You can install some glass shelves across the window, maybe two to three layers depending on the size, and place some bottles, pictures, small plats or other similar items to cover up the window. This will give you extra shelf space to keep things too.


-          Posters – One ideal way to cover up a window is to paste a poster on it. You may have some funky posters, or you can even buy them for a very low price and cover your windows with it. Adds some colour and splash to the room, as well as giving you the privacy you need.


As you can see, you don’t really need blinds and shutters in Sydney to cover up a window, especially if you are on a tight budget, but you can use many other creative and very low-cost ideas that will enhance the look and atmosphere of the room. The lace, stained glass and etched effect make a room look elegant and stylish, while pictures and plants can give it a contemporary minimalist look. Whatever look or style you are going for, get creative, get thinking, there are lots more ideas you can use if you put a little effort into it.