Custom Flatpack Kitchen: The Efficient Kitchen Cabinet Solution

11 February 2019

Home renovations are equal parts exciting and stressful. Making choices for the home you’ll spend quite a few years in whilst also keeping within a stipulated budget can be very difficult for most new homeowners to juggle, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Choosing between various styles, finishings and fixtures can be very confusing and can be very expensive. It isn’t unusual for cabinets to take up half the renovation budget. With such a lofty sum on the table, it’s important to consider the options available carefully.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets usually come in two types: prefabricated or custom. Prefab kitchen cabinets are ready made pieces that can be picked up and installed immediately. They are definitely the most cost efficient option than their custom made counterparts with a very low wait time and easy installation. The downside is that there are often very limited customisation options with regards to materials, finishing and the sizes of the cabinets available. In addition, it would be difficult to outfit an unusual or irregular shaped kitchen. Custom kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, offer a wider selection of materials and fixtures that can be mixed and matched based on the client’s preferences. They are also a wise choice for homes with odd shaped kitchens that have various corners. However, the longer waiting time and a much high cost  can be quite significant drawbacks.

Depending on the available budget, most would either go with one or the other. But with the advent of custom flat pack kitchens, homeowners can certainly experience the best of both worlds. Custom flat pack kitchens marry both the versatility of a custom made kitchen with the efficiency of a ready made one. Using an online service such as E Kitchens makes the process of customising a simple affair. It is easy to select the components required from cabinets, accessories, doors, panels and benchtops; designing the ideal kitchen to fit into any space. Once selected, the team at E Kitchens will custom make kitchen to the specific requirements within 7-10 days for a flat pack and 10-15 days for a fully assembled version.E Kitchens offers a wide selection of high quality materials, styles and finishes so you’ll be sure to find a perfect fit for your home.  

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Renovating is not the difficult and drawn out process as you may think it is. The team at E-Kitchens are here to help you along the way! The purchase of your next renovation online gives you all the flexibility to customise any step of the way in your.