DECO: The DIY friendly option

24 April 2019

Budget is an important consideration when it comes to building or renovating a home. This means that homeowners are constantly seeking cost-effective solutions to fit within their budget. Do-it-yourself options save a significant amount of money, giving homeowners more leeway to spend money elsewhere, and preventing them from going over-budget. DECO products can easily be installed by DIYers and any handyman, with many of the range considered ‘beginner friendly.’


Aluminium’s lightweight composition makes it easy to use in building projects. Hollow aluminium profiles are available in large extrusions without carrying excessive weight, preventing the difficulty of installation and need for extra labour found with many dense timber products. Using lightweight aluminium profiles significantly reduces installation times and labour costs.

DecoDeck - timber-look aluminium decking systems by Decorative Imaging.



Being lightweight and thin, aluminium can be easily cut down to the required length for any project. Cutting aluminium is as easy as cutting timber – all that is required is a mitre or drop saw with an aluminium blade, and protective equipment – making it easier to cut profiles onsite rather than cutting and then transporting them. A circular saw is recommended for long cuts, and a metal blade on a jig saw is ideal for cutouts. DECO’s aluminium splashbacks, DecoSplash, can also be cut onsite, to allow for necessary adjustments to the size and shape of the splashback and to fit around plug sockets and other fixtures.


DECO offers simple do-it-yourself installation systems for its timber-look aluminium building products, saving homeowners significant amounts of money when it comes to building or renovating. DecoDeck, DecoSlat and DecoBatten systems are all designed for minimal tooling and expertise. DECO’s website offers simple, downloadable installation instructions complete with tips and helpful diagrams.

DecoSlat - timber-look aluminium slat systems by Decorative Imaging.



DECO aims to ensure all projects are finished off neatly without incurring addition labour costs. System components and accessories are available to round off any DECO project, and can come colour-matched to a homeowner’s chosen cladding, battens, slats or deck to achieve a seamless timber look.

 DECO offers simple, easy-to-install systems such as DecoClad, DecoDeck and DecoBatten, providing an easy and effective building or renovation solution that does not compromise on quality. Adding colour-matched accessories and concealed fixings to these systems helps homeowners achieve a perfect, seamless finish, while saving significantly on installation costs.  

DecoSlat - timber-look aluminium slat systems by Decorative Imaging.



DECO specialises in Australian-made aluminium building products and decorative finishes for effortless, beautiful living. DECO is an Australian, family-owned and run business that offers innovative Super Durable splashbacks, signage, cladding, battens, slats and decking.