DECO - Aluminium Building Products

DECO offers a pioneering range of timber-look aluminium building products featuring Australia's premium innovative finishing technology 'DecoWood'. DECO's DecoArt reproduces custom & decorative images on power coasted aluminium widely used for kitchen, bathroom & laundry splash backs & signs.

DECO’s Versatile Cladding Product Receives Honourable Mention in Prestigious International Architecture Awards     by   DECO

24 September 2019

DECO are thrilled to announce that their versatile timber-look cladding product, DecoClad, has received an Honourable Mention in the international Architectural Product Design Awards...

Spruce up your gable ends with DecoClad     by   DECO

19 September 2019

Gables have been a popular and commonplace roofing style in Australia for many years. The sloping ends of this iconic design make the gable roof suitable for most regions in Australia, allowing water and snow to slide off, preventing leaks and providing extra ventilation to your home...

DECO brings New York to Melbourne with a stunning splashback     by   DECO

04 September 2019

Splashbacks are far more than just protection for your wall– they are a focal point for the kitchen, giving it extra style and making a statement...

DECO’s innovative solution to prevent wastage in decking     by   DECO

27 June 2019

On average, 15 – 20% of the materials purchased to build a deck are wasted during installation – regardless of the product used. This can be due to deck sizes, board length, required spacing between boards, positioning of joins around joists and other factors...

DECO: The DIY friendly option     by   DECO

24 April 2019

Budget is an important consideration when it comes to building or renovating a home. This means that homeowners are constantly seeking cost-effective solutions to fit within their budget...

Choosing a deck for your pool or spa     by   DECO

08 March 2019

Summer in Australia is all about the outdoors. For many homeowners, spending summer lazing around on the back deck or beside the pool is the best way to enjoy that Aussie sun. But which deck is the right deck? There are a few questions you need to consider when choosing a deck...

How much does cladding really cost you?     by   DECO

08 March 2019

What comes to mind when you think about cladding costs? Perhaps material costs are the first thing that comes to mind. There are many factors beyond the purchase price of materials that need to be considered for a project...

DecoBatten Launch New ‘Click & Snap’ Two-piece Batten System     by   DECO

20 November 2018

DecoBatten has released its new and improved ‘Click & Snap’ architectural two-piece batten system. The enhanced system offers two new creative batten profiles as well as a concealed base for a clean and seamless appearance. DecoBatten 'Click & Snap' two-piece aluminium batten system...

New Colours Added to DecoWood Colour Series     by   DECO

30 October 2018

DecoWood - the timber-look finish for aluminium. New colour range out now! DECO, the producers of aluminium timber-look finish DecoWood, have introduced six new woodgrains to the leading finish’s colour range...

The Real Cost of Timber Fencing     by   DECO

05 April 2018

When looking around for timber fencing and gates, Merbau is often the first product you encounter. As one of the cheapest materials available, it is no wonder it is so popular...

New Report: Fire-safe Cladding – Download Free     by   DECO

12 March 2018

The Australian Government and the wider Australian building industry have been discussing the dangers of non-complicate composite cladding products since the Melbourne Docklands Lacrosse fire in November 2014...


5 Architectural Ceiling Designs with DecoWood     by   DECO

12 March 2018

Architectural timber features offer some great looks for ceilings and high spaces and can take a room from fine to fabulous in an instant. They can achieve a wide range of looks from sophisticated, contemporary lines to traditional, rustic beams...