Decorating House with succulents

30 September 2020

 In decoration, succulents have experienced a huge surge in popularity and we can understand why. Pretty and easy to care for, these little succulents will match virtually any decor.

Whether you want to create a real indoor garden or just punctuate your decor with greenery, here are 10 original ways to decorate with succulents.

1. Crown

Apart from the traditional holiday wreath, we sometimes forget that this decorative element can also be adapted to all seasons.

Why not create your own summer wreath to welcome your guests in style? The project is very simple to carry out and all the steps can be found at Succulent Market.

2. Plant monogram

If you like personalized accessories, this DIY is for you. Make a botanical arrangement in a wooden box shaped like the first letter of your first name (or last name). You can find such boxes at art supply stores.

Psst! : It can be a wonderful idea to integrate into a wedding decor or to offer to newlyweds!

3. Set of jars

Are you one of those who fall for the industrial aspect of concrete? Make this pretty family of patterned pots to get an eclectic and original look.

To do this, here's how to mold a concrete pot easily.

4. Reinvented cans

Are you a recovery pro? How about making this cute collection of succulents in jars by reusing your old preserves?

Once you've grouped several of them together, paint them all the same color to unify them. Plant your succulents there and you're done.

5. Boxes of tea

All containers are good for growing plants! If you like old things with a vintage feel, why not reuse old metal tea tins to plant your little succulents in?

Colorful, charming and original, they will certainly brighten up your decor!

6. Paper bags

If you're a Pinterest enthusiast, you've probably seen the paper bag planter trend pass! You can get some pretty printed paper bags and put your plants inside.

I still advise you to keep the pot, since the paper bag cannot contain all the soil on its own and it could tear! You can get such bags at art supply stores.

7. Copper pipes

How about a small industrial-chic style wall garden? To do this, make a structure using copper plumbing pipes, which you can easily find in home improvement centers.

Be sure to leave the ends open for planting your small succulents (and other types of plants if you wish), then secure everything to the wall. An unusual way to bring shine and greenery to your decor!

8. Shaded

The ombré trend is literally everywhere: we see it on clothes, decorative elements and it even dominates the hairstyle industry! Why not use the pretty, assorted colors of the succulents to create your own rainbow-colored flower box?

A tip: before putting soil in your container, take the time to place your succulents and achieve a visually satisfying arrangement. This will ensure you get a wonderful result!

9. Mini greenhouse

Say goodbye to ordinary flowerpots, make way for the more than charming mini greenhouse! Perfect for creating a humid environment for your small succulents, it is not only practical, but also very pretty.

A little extra: if you have pets that show their interest in your precious plants, a greenhouse will protect them in style!

10. Magnetic pots

Magnetic pots that can be attached to your fridge, have you thought about them? No need to try to find magnet pots; do them yourself!

To do this, nothing could be simpler: get some fridge magnets from the dollar store and stick them on the surface of a small flower pot. Prioritize pots that are small enough to avoid putting too much weight on the magnet (we would especially not want to find soil on the floor!). An original and cute project!