Design elements that play a vital role in kitchen renovation

29 November 2022

Your kitchen may be a bustling area or not. Depending on how you utilize it may also affect the design and features it must have. If you are not familiar with kitchen design, then it's time to do some research or consult a professional especially if you are planning to do some major transformation in it. You should always consider making it functional and vibrant looking after all it is the heart of your home.

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Kitchen cabinets

These cabinets keep your kitchen stuff organized. Things like utensils, plates, spoons,, and other equipment are stored in this area. You might want to consider remodeling it in a more organized way. At the present, there have been innovations in kitchen cabinets, making them store and organize more things.

There are various color combinations to apply and materials to be used for your kitchen cabinets. The right colors will add a lively ambiance to your kitchen. The cabinets will help it look neat and in order.

Kitchen island

A kitchen island has a two-way function in your area. It can be used as a working area or a space where you can have a quick snack, drink, or meal. Putting up a kitchen island can add up to a stylish look. Just make sure that even with the island, you can still easily move around your kitchen.

Color contrast with your cabinets, tiles, and island is an important factor to consider. Most contractors use marble as a material to make it look luxurious.

Kitchen Splashback

The kitchen splashback is one of the features that is noticeable in a kitchen since it covers the walls. It protects the walls from stains, water splashes, and other damage. Color coordination is very important to add up to a good kitchen ambiance. Make sure that the tiles you are going to use will not just add up to its aesthetic look but will also be easy to clean. Remember, that your kitchen is a working area and needs to be cleaned at all times.

These are some of the materials used for kitchen backsplash: Ceramic, porcelain, cement, stone, marble, and glass. 

Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen floor design should come in harmony with the backsplash. One of the ultimate goals of renovating a kitchen floor is to ensure that your kitchen will be a safe place to go. Spills from water and other stuff can cause accidents. The kitchen flooring should be durable to accommodate foot traffic when multiple people are working in it. Renovate your kitchen floor in a way that these spills can easily be seen and cleaned.

With regards to materials, some use vinyl tiles, wood, or natural stone. The flooring should not be too dark so spills and dirt can be visible. Choose an affordable material that is durable and has a spectacular design.

Sinks and faucets

Sinks and faucets come in pairs. They are always intertwined. Coordinating their colors are not a must but is recommended to have a well-blended combination. Typically, most kitchens install a stainless steel color to these materials. Today, you can also choose to finish it with gold, copper, nickel, and brass to make your kitchen look elegant.

Sinks can also come in single and double forms. There are a lot of designs that emerged now that can be seen in showrooms and websites. You can also choose from classic, modern or traditional designs. Ensure that these materials can easily be cleaned since this is an area that is most exposed to water. Mildew and mold can accumulate if not kept clean.  


Kitchen cabinets are one of the main storage areas for your kitchen stuff. There are also other additional storage innovations to make your kitchen more organized. These come in the form of slide-out drawers, built-in drawers, shelves, canisters, and lid containers. Make sure that this storage saves space and does not clutter your kitchen.

Appliance storage is also introduced nowadays to keep it safe. These can come in a form of cabinets that lift the appliances to eye level. Make sure that your storage facilities are within your reach so as to avoid accidents or falls.

These innovative storage areas can make working in your kitchen easier and in order.

Kitchen accessories

Other kitchen accessories are handles that come in different materials and designs. Combining them with your kitchen cabinets and drawers will help make your kitchen stand out. You can choose from gold, brass, or nickel finishes. These finishings will make your kitchen shine especially if a perfect color contrast is applied.

Kitchen Lighting

Providing proper lighting in your working area must be your priority. This lighting should not just add an accent to your kitchen but must aid you while you are working around it. Choose a light that complements your kitchen surroundings, so that everyone who comes in will feel at home and welcome. 

These lighting designs can be in a form of pendants, linear tracks, flush mounts, led cabinet lights, and wall lights. Whichever design you choose from, it should support the muti-functional purpose of your kitchen and be able to provide adequate lighting to every area it has.

Every kitchen feature is intertwined with each other. The right colors, materials, and design will make your kitchen look brilliant. Visit our kitchen showroom for design inspiration. Invest in good materials and labor for your kitchen transformation. Make sure that you are properly guided in your planning, preparation, and execution of the renovation. Let Look Cabinets take care of the details.


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