A detailed guide to window shutters

22 July 2020

To get to know your home windows in detail, take a 360-degree view of your home from the inside and see what your windows look like. Does it sound too simple? Take a deep look at the window frame, glass, and the way they are sitting there. Now your real work begins! Analyze everything in and around your home. Imagine windows with a little treatment added to the interior as well as to the exterior window coverings.


Why are the shutters designed?


Plantation shutters are designed with the two main functions in mind. First, they must help protect against the elements, especially the wind, as well as privacy. Second, they give your home a decorative look.


Why this guide?


You may be wondering why we provide you this detailed guide. And the reason behind this is to help people in their research on the decoration and style of the house. We even research a particular topic (here, blinds) and present it to our audience in a way that really makes sense.


Here in this guide, we have a series of different sections that explain the different elements of a panel. All of these aspects are sure to help you buy the best blinds suitable for your home. Let's look at:


Shutter location: indoor or outdoor


Interior Blinds - These blinds can be easily adjusted from the inside for privacy. Additionally, interior window coverings provide many options for the homeowner, such as partial, full-height, and tiered window coverings. Alternatively, you can also have custom blinds built to your specifications.


Exterior Blinds - Most of the time, the windows on the outside of your home are intended for aesthetic purposes or outdoors. On the other hand, they can be functional because they provide privacy.


Panel styles:

Window shutters - These blinds feature a series of overlapping wooden slats in the same frame and are used for both interior and exterior blinds. They can be adjusted to let in more or less light. These blinds add a country look to your home.


Raised panel: These blinds are made with box-shaped designs where a series of rectangular features will stand out from the rest of the frame. This shutter design is usually the same as your kitchen cabinets.


Shaker: It looks like the raised blind but has a flat body. The rectangular shape gives it a more beautiful and detailed look without having a bulge.


Plantation shutters: These blinds offer wide blinds or slanted slats tied around a series of invitations and also allow light to pass through.


Others: There are many other panel styles that can also be considered, including half shutters, Scandinavians, planks, and slats.


Window cover:

Cafe Style: Windows with this type of covering combine a planting pattern at the bottom of the window. It gives a nicer look that also adds a stunning look with a good eye for detail in mind.

Total height: this type of cover can be combined with any type of blind in blinds and solid blinds.


Level on the level: This type of window coverage gives you an option for which part of your window you want to open and which part you want to close.

Shutter Shapes: There are a number of shutter shapes among the common options. Some of these shapes are bow, rectangle, French door cuts, trapezoid, circles, and special shapes like a perfect bow, full bow, brow arch, top corner, octagon, etc.


Accordion Blinds - Most blinds are single panels, meaning they have no folds. However, for larger windows, folding shutters are a better option than non-folding shutters. There are three types of blinds when it comes to panel folds:

Wrinkle-free, i.e. single panel

Fold in half, i.e. two panels

Three streams


Shade Materials: When looking for shades, there are many materials available for you to browse. And as an owner, you must choose the option that is best for you. Available materials include wood, engineered wood, laminate, PVC, metal, and synthetic foam. Choose the material for your home Plantation shutters wisely.

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