12 January 2024

Nowadays luxury WATCHES are more popular. Everyone wants to buy expensive watches because most of the film actors, cricket players or celebrities have expensive watches in their hands.

And in USA, artists like Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Kevin Spacey, Denzel Washington are ambassadors of these luxury brands. For example, johnny deep wears the Tag Heuer, Mark Ronson wears Audemars Piguet and Roger Federer wear Rolex. So most of the people who follow the latest fashion trends also want to have luxury watches like these celebrities in their hands,

But USA has mostly a middle-class population. So those people who cannot buy these expensive luxury watches, they wear duplicate watches of luxury swiss brands. Nowadays there are many such watches in the market, which are known as First Copy Watches or Replica Watches.

In fact, these copy watches are a similar copy of luxury brands that are not recognized by the common people.

But the interesting thing is that in these copy watches also there are 2-3 types of watches which are called first copy and second copy watches.

Because these copy watches are also available in different types of watch market by price. Like some watches are from $500 to $1500 and similar watches are from $3000 to $5000. So those that are cheap are called second copy watches and expensive is called the first copy.

The technically first and second copy is duplicate watches of original, the one called first copy watches is a better quality duplicate and the second one is a cheap quality duplicate. While you can easily distinguish the second copy watches, the first copy watches are difficult to distinguish by the general public.


1. The finishing of the first copy is very similar to the original while the second copy is slightly brighter.

2. The first copy watch has a sapphire crystal glass while the second copy does not. Due to the sapphire crystal glass, the chances of scratching are less.

3. Chronograph in First Copy watches works in the same way as it works in Original watches. But in the second copy, which consists of 2-3 chronographs, either one of them will work or none will.

4. Most second copy watches do not have a stopwatch option. Whereas every chronographer original watch has the option of the stopwatch and in First Copy Watches also works in the same way as in original watches.

5. The lock of the strap or bracelet in the first copy watch is similar to that of the original, while the lock in the second copy watch is similar to the normal one, which is mostly in cheaper watches.

6. Second-copy watches do not work much because they are made from light quality material, but if you maintain the first copy watches well then they last for a long time.

7. First copy watches have leather belts or steel of good quality and their polishing does not go away quickly. While polishing in second-copy watches quickly begins and leather belts are of flame quality

8. First copy watches are just exact copies of the original watches that the watch original brand had ever made in the past. But the makers of second-copy watches make anything from their mind, whether their original watch comes or not, they just put the brand name.

Nowadays, many people in the market are selling second copy cheaply on the name the first copy, but whenever you are buying the first copy watch, then keep something in mind and buy it well.

There are many online websites in USA that sell First Copy Watches, but whenever you buy the Watches from these websites, first of all, keep in mind that the photos and videos on the website are photos of their actual stock in the shop.

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