Different types of awnings for your outdoor space

05 September 2021

The summer sun and heat in Australia can be a killer, which is why although many people love to be outdoors during the summer months, they are a bit hesitant, since prolonged exposure to the sun can cause many skin and eye problems. So, what is the solution available for those people who want to spend their summer days in the great outdoors, resting and relaxing in the backyard or on the deck?


One great option to protect yourself from the sun, while still enjoying the garden and patio or deck is to install awnings in Sydney homes. Awnings are a great outdoor window treatment idea that gives you shade and protection from the sun and glare. In addition, there are a number of different styles and types of awnings which can be used in the different outdoor areas. These include:


-          Retractable Awnings – Retractable awnings in Sydney are one of the most popular types, and are a great option in outdoor window treatments because you can opt to keep them extended when the sun is too strong and you want to be in the shade, or retract them when you want to enjoy the summer sun. These are available in both manual and mechanised operation, and are very easy to operate either way. However, in recent times manufacturers have also come with sensor triggered operation, which can be programmed to retract automatically if and when it gets too windy or at a certain time of the day. The only problem with this type of awning is that it is very costly. A disadvantage of retractable awnings is that they are not as durable as other types, and the materials used for them are quite expensive. However, they come in a vast range of fabrics, colours and prints that you can select them in, so the options are endless.


-          Fixed Awnings – This type of awnings are mounted to the wall, and are able to provide constant shade. These are ideal for permanently sheltering a portion or entirety of the patio or deck, and at times may have support poles as well. These are very durable and last a long time, but the disadvantage is that you won’t be able to change its orientation or position. In case of very strong winds there is also a likelihood that these awnings will get damaged, therefore you will need a professional’s help to fix them properly.


-          Portable Awnings – Portable awnings can be moved around to any location you want, and generally come in three different types: umbrella, freestanding or canopy type. They are very convenient since you can move it to any place you want, but the disadvantage of this type of awning is that they won’t provide as much shelter as the other styles, and they may not be able to withstand strong winds and other similar natural phenomena. These are however, lower in cost.


-          Straight Drop Awnings – Straight Drop awnings in Sydney have become a very popular outdoor window treatment option because of their year-round versatility and benefits. They are ideal for the patio, deck or any other type of outdoor area and great for creating an al fresco dining area or entertainment area. These awnings generally come with motorised operation, and are made in a variety of materials, which help protect the covered area from all the elements, while still letting in enough natural light and breeze to keep you cool during the hot summer days. Straight Drop Awnings can also protect you from extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, hail etc, creating a comfortable and cosy area for you to relax and unwind in. They are very durable and available in a range of colours to suit your fancy.


-          Window and Door Awnings – These are ideally placed just above a window or door and provide shade and cover from the elements. Window coverings of this type are also able to provide energy efficiency by protecting the window from the hot sun, so it doesn’t get heated too much and penetrate inside the home.


While outdoor awnings are great for providing insulation during the extreme weather conditions prevalent in Australia, at times it is best to combine with other indoor window treatments for maximum benefit.


If you have a specific need in mind with regard to your outdoor window treatments, then it is best to speak to an experienced vendor who can help you with selecting the best type to suit your requirement. There is nothing like enjoying some time outside when the weather is good, so investing in some outdoor awnings is well worth the expense, and there are many options that you can select from to suit your budget.