Does Colour of a Pool’s Water Can Indicate About Its Health?

11 October 2021

Swimming is a remarkable way to beat the heat and get a cardio and strength training workout in at the same time, but don’t let the bright blue water blind you. Not all swimming conditions are created equal, engaging with a reputed Pool Cleaning Adelaide serving company will educate about watercolour and the clarity of your pool can reveal a lot about it, and many elements can influence it.

So, if the colour of your pool shifts from blue to any other colour, you know something is wrong. Both organic and inorganic compounds can impact these, and each colour indicates a different concern.

Here’s a quick summary of what each of these colours implies and how to get your pool back to its original blue hue.

#Green Watercolour

The presence of copper in the water is usually indicated by green water if it is not properly managed. Copper oxidises in chlorinated pool water, turning the water light vibrant green. Determine the source of the copper in your pool’s water.

#Brown type of water 

When you wake up one morning to find it has suddenly turned brown, water usually indicates the presence of iron. When coupled with the water in your pool, iron rusts, resulting in an orangish-brown tint. This is where you need to talk to a Pool Cleaning Adelaide specialist to get advice on treating algae.

#Water Is Black

When you frequently find black water, consider how silver jewellery tarnishes and goes black when exposed to chlorinated water; this is comparable to what happens when the silver in your pool oxidises.

#Purple Water

When you add chlorine to a pool with magnesium or manganese in the water, you’ll notice a purple hue. It can be dangerous to your health, and it’s critical to keep the water in your pool or spa clean and safe.

#Water Is Cloudy

There is most certainly a problem with your filtering system if your water appears murky or cloudy. To achieve crystal clear water, try cleaning your filter. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, or if you’re still having issues after cleaning your filter, you should contact a reputable Pool Service Adelaide necessitates a precise balance of all of its components.

The Answer to Your Pool’s Discolored Water

Naturally, you don’t want to swim or rest in discoloured water that could be damaging to your health until the issue is resolved. So, what options do you have? To avoid discolouration and to guarantee that you can enjoy your pool to its full capacity at any time, speak with a pool care specialist about inspecting and treating the water, making recommendations, and doing routine maintenance.

Summing up, 

Do you have a hard time keeping your pool clean or identifying colour differences? Working with a reputable Pool Cleaning Adelaide service business gets the job done right away. It seems dazzling water when pool water is healthy, well-balanced, and free of impurities. That’s why a Pool Repairs Adelaide specialist would evaluate if the pool pump or pool filter is working efficiently to get clean and blue watercolour—the blue reflected in the immaculate water from the pool’s walls and bottom.

Source: What Can the Colour of a Pool’s Water Tell You About Its Health?

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