EASY BOND for Permanent Formwork

13 February 2020


Technical Brochure

EASY BOND for Permanent Form work  is a one-component cement-based mortar. Once mixed only with water, it provides a high-performance flexible key coat bonding bridge for application to NON-POROUS substrates. Ideal for Dincel no more abrasion required.


To provide a cementitious key coat bonding bridge on Permanent Formwork i.e. DINCEL, REDIWALL as well as non-porous surfaces such as (powder coated) metal, shipping containers or PVC.
Provides an excellent base for the application of renders, paints, tiles and stonework.

5 Benefits  Easy Bond for permanent formwork

Provides a base coating suitable for substrates subject to

  1. Thermal movement.
  2. Environmentally friendly and suitable for application in poorly ventilated areas.
  3. Acts as an anti-fracture membrane between the substrate and other finishing coats
  4. Does not require primer, scuffing or sandblasting. This saves labour costs.
  5. Up to 15 years life expectancy (depending on application area and usage)

Learn more about EASY BOND for Permanent Form work here


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