End the timber shortage: use alternative building products

23 July 2021

The building and construction industry has been thrown into a tailspin in the past year, with bushfires, importing difficulties due to COVID, lack of domestic production and the housing boom all contributing to a timber shortage – both across Australia and worldwide.

With high demand for timber products, and insufficient supply to cater to this demand, builders and customers are experiencing long wait times for timber products, and often shortages of timber products they need to complete building projects.

Structural framing timbers are one of the products most in demand – but there are other, non-structural support products which are also in short supply such as decking, fencing and cladding. Suppliers, buyers, builders and homeowners need to seek out alternatives to timber to use on their homes, in order to conserve low timber supplies and finish their projects sooner.

One such product is DECO’s timber-look aluminium finish, DecoWood®. While DECO does not provide structural products, its DecoWood® products can be used on a variety of different applications where timber would normally be used.

What is DecoWood®?

DecoWood® is DECO Australia’s premium timber-look powder coat finish for aluminium. Utilising innovative sublimation technology, which transfers a woodgrain image into powder coated aluminium, DecoWood® replicates an authentic timber appearance, feel and form on a variety of aluminium building products. DecoWood® can be applied to almost any aluminium extrusion or flat sheet, and is frequently used for cladding, battens, windows and doors, slats and decking.

More than 50% more durable than standard powder coating, DecoWood® does not release any harmful VOCs into the atmosphere, unlike the stains and paints often used on timber products to maintain them. DecoWood® products will also never need ongoing maintenance such as oiling or staining, and are available in over 150 natural woodgrain colours.

DecoClad V-Groove cladding

Sustainable DecoWood®

As well as being a viable timber alternative to take some of the pressure off the timber industry, DecoWood® is also a sustainable alternative to other building products commonly used in the building industry.

Aluminium is one of the world’s most recyclable products – and 70% of the world’s recycled aluminium is still in use today. Aluminium’s strength and durability, combined with the durability of the DecoWood® finish, make it a long-lasting alternative that will not fade, peel, rot or warp as timber or composites may do over time, therefore reducing the frequency of replacement.

An Australian-made Alternative

Made in Australia, DecoWood® offers customers a quality product and finish with competitive lead times – builders and buyers need not worry about long wait times to import the product. Australian-made products are also tested to, and compliant with, the relevant Australian standards, ensuring you are purchasing a quality product. 

DECO specialises in Australian-made aluminium building products and decorative finishes for effortless, beautiful living. DECO is an Australian, family-owned and run business that offers innovative Super Durable splashbacks, signage, cladding, battens, slats and decking.