The excitement of building a home from the ground up

17 April 2019

There is perhaps nothing as thrilling as building your own home. There is something fantastic about seeing your vision for your home come to life in front of you. There is the excitement of initially making the decision to build a home, that gets the ball rolling in the first place. There is something decidedly exciting about choosing the layout, or finding the perfect fixer-upper. And sometimes, the most exciting part is adding on the seemingly small-scale finishing touches. Whether it is fitting the domestic roller shutters you have been lusting after since you bought your block of land, or hand-building the mail box and the front gates of your first dream home to attach as the finishing touches, building a home is a journey for the ages.

Deciding between building anew or renovating the old
Home building all starts with the decision between building a brand new home, or choosing the perfect fixer-upper and breathing new life into it to make it yours. For some people, this is not even so much a choice, as they are not interested in renovating, or it has always been their dream to renovate a pre-loved property into their dream home. Either way, it all starts with the decision to get into the property market. This is where the magic starts, and it is what makes people feel ready for the monumental task ahead of them.

Choosing the perfect property to make it come alive
Once you have decided if you are going to build on an empty block, or renovate an old home with character, next comes actually finding the perfect property to make the dream come alive. The nature of real estate is that property moves quite quickly, and sometimes it takes a lot of time before you find the right property, in the right area, at the right price. It is easy to get discouraged if this does not happen as quick as you perhaps imagined it would, but the important thing to remember is that your dream is going to take time to realise, and the most important thing is taking the time to pick the perfect property – even if it takes more time than expected.

Adding the personal touches that make it truly yours
Sometimes the home building process can feel chaotic, and this leads to rushed decisions and frantic final touches. When you start to feel overwhelmed, take a moment to step back and remember that quality is all in the finer details. Some people love feature walls with vividly bright splashes of colour, while others like unique doors and windows to finish off the rooms of their new property. Home building can be a long, drawn-out process, and the personal touches are the most enjoyable part – make the most of them, embrace them, and bring them to life with the attention to detail that they deserve. Finishing of your dream home with perfect little touches is something you will ultimately thank yourself for later.