Facts about Car Detailing Process

20 June 2021

Having a well detailed car does more than just make it look newer. It increases its value, makes it easier to sell, and helps ensure that the interior is not damaged by things like water or air pollution and decreases gas mileage. 

If you are considering car detailing, there are facts about the process that might be helpful for you to know. But first we need to understand what car detailing is and why it is important.

What is car detailing?

A car detailing service is a process typically designed to make your vehicle look new. It includes removing permanent marker from fabric upholstery, restoring faded colors to their original luster or making it appear as though the vehicle has never been in an accident.

Car care products are often used for detailing your car, such as washing detergents, waxes, abrasives (pads or brushes), tire dressing compound and fabric towels.

Why Car Detailing important?

  • Protect your paint job from sun damage with wax
  • Clean up messes made by children or pets
  • Remove salt stains caused by snow on winter mornings

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