Finding a Builder for Your Home Extension in UK

27 October 2023


One excellent option to increase the size and value of your house is with a home addition. Nonetheless, selecting the best constructor for the task is crucial. When selecting your choice, there are a lot of things to take into account, including the builder's reputation, expertise, and credentials.

We'll offer some advice on how to Find a builder in UK for your home addition in this blog article. We'll also talk about how important it is to verify references and obtain various quotations.

Where to find builders

For your house addition, builders may be found in several locations. Among the most popular choices are:

Word-of-mouth: Get referrals from your neighbors, relatives, and friends.
Trade directories: Your local builders are listed in a variety of trade directories. The Federation of Master Builders, TrustMark, and Checkatrade are a few well-known examples.
Online search: To locate builders in your region, you may also utilize an online search engine. Make sure you go through references and reviews before choosing a builder.

What to look for in a builder

A few important criteria to consider while selecting a builder for your home addition are as follows:

Experience: Verify the builder's background in creating house additions. You may look at pictures of the builder's work and ask about past projects they've worked on.
Qualifications: The builder has to be certified to construct additions to homes. Inquire with the builder about their credentials and find out whether they are a member of the Federation of Master Builders.
Reputation: Look up the builder's web reviews and get referrals from prior customers.

Getting multiple quotes

Obtaining quotations from many builders is crucial prior to making a choice. By doing this, you'll be able to negotiate the greatest pricing for your job.

Make sure you give the builders the following details when requesting quotes:

The range of the task: What tasks do you want completed by the builder? Try to be as detailed as you can.
The supplies: Which supplies are you planning to utilize for your extension?
The dates of start and finish: What dates would you like the work to begin and end?
Your spending limit: How much are you ready to shell out for this extension?

Checking references

Verify the references of the builders you have selected after obtaining bids from a few different companies. This will offer you a decent indication of the caliber of their output and customer support.

Check references by posing the following queries:

Did you find the work's quality satisfactory?
Did the builder adhere to the planned timeline and budget?
Did you find the builder's customer service and communication to be satisfactory?


Selecting a builder for your home addition is a crucial choice. You may locate a reliable, skilled, and experienced builder by using the preceding advice.Have you lately had an addition made to your house? If so, do share your story in the section that follows. Who hired you? Did you find their work satisfactory?

Additional tips

Make sure your expectations are clear. Make sure to go over your expectations in great detail with any builder you are considering hiring. This will assist in preventing future misunderstandings and conflicts.

Put everything down on paper. Make sure you have everything in writing in a contract once the cost and scope of the service have been agreed upon. You and the builder will both be protected by this.

Be ready to pay unforeseen expenses. Unexpected expenses might often come up when working on a home improvement project. Make sure your budget includes a contingency reserve.

Exhibit patience and empathy. Home additions may be challenging undertakings. Being sympathetic and patient with your builder is crucial.

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