First impression counts: Fabulous tips for improving your foyer

27 September 2016

Making a great first impression is important for buildings as well as people. This is never more true than when you are trying to make a sale. Whether you are attempting to impress people who come into your business for the first time, or adding value to your house before it goes on the market, the foyer is a great place to start. Here are some fabulous tips for improving your entryway and making the right impression from the beginning.

Storage is a priority

As people enter your foyer, normally they will want to shed a few things. Coming into the home, you may have shoes, coats, umbrellas, and all kinds of outdoor items being left right in the entranceway. A more formal business foyer may be the place to leave coats and umbrellas. Either way, well-organised storage makes a good impression as well as allows you to get everything put together in the right way. Avoid clutter with a built-in storage unit that sits nicely against the wall, with a small, cushioned seat included for those who need to sit while they take off their shoes. Neatly arranged cubbyholes can be places to stash everything that you need.

Storage is a priority


Have a theme

A design theme is a very important way to strike an impression for those entering a space. Rather than having lots of different design notes, you should pick a theme and stick to it. This may be monochrome glamour, or you could be going for a modern and minimalist look. Whatever you choose, make sure that you stick to it. The flooring and walls, every piece of furniture, and any décor items should all fit to this theme. A unified impression is the best way to ensure that the look you are aiming for comes across well.

Set the tone

As for lighting, this should set the tone for the rest of the building. Do you want cosy, quirky lighting that makes you feel comfortable? Go for scattered fairy lights and a softly dimmed main light. Are you making the impression of a smoothly running machine? Invest in lights that turn on immediately as the door is opened if they sense a dim overall lighting. Cool and business-like industrial lights give your foyer the rustic but charming look, and set the tone for the rest of your design too.



Lay a magic carpet

Use a runner to encourage traffic in the right direction as well as protect the carpet from frequent traffic. This allows you to easily clean or replace the part that actually gets dirty, without having to spend a fortune on new carpet. It also makes the space more clear and open, giving visitors a pathway to follow right into the next part of your home or business, encouraging action. It can make people feel more at home, as they are invited onwards.

Make a display

Want to give a certain impression about your business or your family on the way in? Put the writing on the wall. You can use artwork which features sayings alongside family photographs, or framed items that show off your company’s achievements. Visitors will see these first, and they will inform their impression as they move onwards. There’s a reason that newspaper offices display their best and most important front pages on the walls, for example!

It’s easy to make a big impact with your lobby, but it is also sadly very easy to make the wrong impression. Follow these tips to be sure that you are heading in the right direction with yours!

Bio: James Pointon is a blogger and real estate agent working at OpenAgent - Australia's number 1 real estate agents comparison website.

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