French Provincial Kitchens | The Ultimate Guide

01 March 2023

If you are a fan of French Provincial homes, you know how important the kitchen is to the overall design. It is the true heart of the home and the main living spaces are usually structured around it. It is often also used as a style statement, helping to reinforce the look and feel of the whole home.

But, with so much riding on getting it right, how do you go about designing a great French Provincial kitchen? Here we share our advice on the steps to take to refine your plans and create a beautiful, functional space. We also take a closer look at the potential issues you should watch out for and try to pre-empt.

As you would expect, French Provincial kitchens generally share many of the same characteristics and features. Specifically, they are known for their:

  • Unusual architecture: Many French Provincial kitchens feature unique structural details, like arched doorways, high or vaulted ceilings, exposed brickwork, and exposed beams. These usually help shape the space and provide a base for the overall design of the fixtures and fittings. They also add character to the area and, depending on the type of feature, can help reinforce the rustic feel.

  • Ornate details: French Provincial designs often use decorative elements to add depth and dimension to a space, or highlight unique features. For example, cornicing, plasterwork, and other types of moulding are quite prominently featured throughout many French Provincial homes. This is generally carried through into the kitchen, which may also feature complex cabinetry profiles and carved timber elements.

  • Classic styling: To help create a timeless look, the finishing touches of a French Provincial design are usually kept quite traditional. Even in more modern home designs that have a more contemporary feel, the styling choices are generally fairly classic. In fact, choosing more traditional fixtures and fittings is a good way to give almost any kitchen a French Provincial feel.

  • Generous proportions: One of the most obvious defining features of a French Provincial home is its grand scale and expansive floorplan. Rooms are usually larger in size and there is generally an easy flow between individual areas and different zones. This includes the kitchen, which is often kept open plan and generally features ample bench and storage space.

  • Consistent structure: While French Provincial homes may feel comfortable and relaxed, their design is usually carefully considered and well balanced. Importantly, key elements of the home, like the façade and kitchen, are usually designed to provide a sense of symmetry. In addition to being visually pleasing, this helps give the home its characteristic feeling of refinement and elegance.

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