Get the best views with vertical blinds

29 October 2020

We need vertical blinds to help us get rid of a problem that we couldn't solve on our own. They'll give you control over the amount of sun coming in through your windows and shield you from curious neighbors when you also need some time for yourself. Vertical blinds are very useful, but sometimes they can develop problems. You can have a nice view that you want to keep or an old window that you want to showcase. You might want to adjust the lighting, but you don't want to flip the switch every time you pull the cable for the vertical shades. This article examines the problems and solutions you can find when installing vertical blinds.


Every now and then we have opinions that we don't want to ruin. Maybe there is a beautiful forest or a beautiful garden behind your house that you want to show off. Perhaps your home has spectacular floor-to-ceiling glass windows that open to the ocean, lake, or golf course. You are careful because vertical blinds can block your beautiful view, especially if you were involved in creating that view. Choosing blinds that stack on the sides of windows is a good solution. They are attractive when hung from a window and when thrown to the side they are almost invisible. Vertical fabric blinds are a quiet option because they make very little noise when a breeze is blowing, either natural or from an air conditioner. If there are walls on both sides of the windows, you can purchase vertical shades that extend several inches and overlap the glazed portion of the walls, to ensure that the vertical shades do not obstruct the windows.


Some rooms have a strong breeze from open windows, heavy traffic from air conditioning. This breeze moves the vertical blinds. Vertical blinds made of metal or plastic tend to make noise when moved. As we said, vertical fabric blinds make less noise. You can see this as a way to solve your problems in this area.


French doors are a nice addition to any home, but adding vertical blinds could cause the slats to sway too much. There could be some twisting issues and it can eventually ruin the blinds. Fasteners for French doors are available. This will make it easier for the window treatments to stay in a fixed position when you open your French doors to their widest point. It may be best to make sure that your vertical blinds are taller than your doors so that when you adjust the blinds, the openings are completely clear and more accessible to you.


Finally, everyone has the kind of windows in our homes that we have a hard time reaching. For these types of windows, vertical blinds don't matter as much as the additional accessories you choose to go with them. For these windows, you can get results with very long chains or cables. These chains and cords can seem bulky in a room and make security issues difficult. You can choose remote controlled vertical blinds if the vertical blind controls are really out of reach.


Windows that are difficult to install can still benefit from vertical blinds. Problem areas are usually dormers, arches, eyebrows, and sometimes portal windows when selecting coatings for your windows. Creativity and the right accessories may be all you need! If you want to keep your current view or have a window in a really bad area, you don't have to worry about that. Your problems can be eliminated if you use vertical blinds!

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