Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

07 December 2022

The summer heat is just around the corner and we are all looking for ways to not just enjoy our outdoor area, but to keep cool whilst still being able to entertain and relax.

The Australian lifestyle is renowned for spending summer in the backyard, with the BBQ cranked, drinks on ice and the water cool and inviting.

There are some simple changes you can make to boost the aesthetic appeal and usability of your yard, which can not only help to improve your lifestyle, but can also prove advantageous from a property investment perspective.  

Consider the use of space

Space planning is the first and most crucial part of any renovation process. It is an analysis of physical space and its use, as well as its’ correlation to structures. Consider how you want your space to be used – think dining areas, chill-out zones, and leafy sanctuaries – and how this translates into a functional and attractive design. 

Revamp your deck

Installing a deck or making improvements to an existing patio area can be as rejuvenating to your home as building a new room. If you are building one, make sure your check all the legal regulations before you get your hands dirty – the local building department can help you out with any restrictions.

Sanding and a fresh coat of polish can turn a tired-looking deck into an almost-new looking one and checking for splintered materials or other hazards that can be harmful to you and your guests is ideal.  Regardless of how great your deck is, if it’s not maintained properly then it won’t last the distance so keeping on top of this will ensure a long-lasting and safe deck perfect for entertaining and relaxing on.

Soak up the shade, more than the sun

Whilst we all love a little sun, it can get too much in summer – even for the real beach-goers. With harsh rays blazing almost non-stop, providing adequate shade is crucial to stay cool.

Outdoor umbrellas provide a quick, easy and cost-effective option for creating shade. For larger areas, shade sails are perfect. These are a popular option for deck and pool areas.

If you really want to plan ahead, planting large trees and large bushes in your garden will not only provide a good amount of shadow to retreat in, but will also provide additional privacy – and look beautiful!

Make use of all yard space

With the whole family moving outdoors in the summer months the backyard can get a little crowded, while your front garden may be feeling a little left out. Installing fencing and gates in your front yard will help you to make better use of your outdoor space, creating a second private and safe outdoor area for your family and pets.

Also, consider access for people living with a disability, or for parents with prams. Pushing a wheelchair or pram over stones or gravel can be tricky, so consider paving or grass instead. 

Shape up your pool

Nothing keeps you cooler in summer than a pool so making sure it’s ready for swimming in is essential. Ensure your filter system is working, check the water chemistry for any chemicals needed and examine for leaks.

Irrespective of whether you have children or not, it’s a legal requirement to have sufficient pool fencing for any swimming pool over 300mm deep. These safety barriers are in place for in-ground, above-ground and indoor swimming pools and spas so check they meet the standard height and specific barrier requirements. It doesn’t just have to be a safety feature though, pool fencing can come in stylish glass options to boost the appearance of your outdoor area and make your pool a main attraction too.

Lighting your pool up for night-time use can make your pool look luxurious and inviting and enhance your outdoor area. Adding stone decking to the space can offer a non-slippery surface around the pool and a natural texture to give it that ‘wow’ factor.

Hide ugly or unused items

Hiding away ugly items will give your yard an immediate visual boost. Store away ugly items in your shed or garage, or consider screening them behind decorative fencing or plants.

For larger items, or items that you no longer need but don’t want to throw away, consider hiring a storage unit.

Get a winning BBQ

Naturally the most important aspect of a great outdoor entertaining area is the BBQ so investing in a good one is ideal. Without a great grill to toast your meat and vegies on, the Aussie summer is just not the same. There are so many options - regardless of your budget or whether you want something powerful enough to cater for a dozen guests or portable and convenient so you can use it camping too.

For those that already have a decent one, be sure to dust it off, fill the gas cylinders up and get ready for the summer days to begin. Investing in a good weather-proof cover will keep your BBQ in good condition all year round too.

Ban unwanted guests – mozzies!

Unfortunately summer doesn’t just bring blissful sunny days, BBQ’s and hours by the water – it also includes a few unwanted guests. Heavy mosquito infestations are prone for the summer months so planning ahead and loading up with citronella candles can save the need to hide inside.

There are plants you can add to your garden that are known to act as natural mosquito repellents too. Basil, rosemary and geranium can help protect you against them and look great in the garden.