Guide to easy-to-use home gadgets to include in your design.

15 March 2018

Home products are diverse. There is so much to choose from that you might not know where to begin especially if you are a novice. However, there are some very useful must-have home gadgets which are simple to set up and use.

Simple to set up and use home gadgets

1. Amazon Echo

This is a wonderful gadget which begun as a voice managed Bluetooth speaker and has now advanced to something huge. This gadget can interact with a variety of home products letting the user control it with voice. If you ask it a question, it will answer. It can also broadcast news, play music and audiobooks. It can also give you information about neighbouring restaurants or any other businesses.


2. Thermostat

This is a very useful home product that will not only make life more convenient and more comfortable but will also save you some money. For instance, the Nest learning thermostat can lower your heating bill into a half during winter without sacrificing your comfort that much. If every home had this gadget, it would cause the biggest impact on energy consumption ever and would save a lot of money, as well as solve most common thermostat problems.

Thermostat requires some little setup but the process is simple. And another good thing about it is that it can interface with echo through activating the Nest skills on the Alexa App. 

 3. High-quality light switches

These switches can be used to toggle any device on and off. This gadget may be expensive but the price is worth it. WeMo light switch, for instance, is compatible with echo. You can label it and use voice to toggle.

Setting up a light switch is very simple and it does not take so much time. 

4. The Hub system with some sensors. 

To move your basic home to another level, a home automation hub is recommended. The hub never does things on its own. It acts as a brain for several other devices. You need to connect other devices to the hub and it will control them.

Setting up the hub is simple plug and play and the devices that can be connected to it are the sensors mostly.

The hub may not be considered as an important purchase but it has a high potential to do great in the house.

 5. Safe and reliable home door lock

If you ever looked for a door lock that doesn't require a key for it, something like Schlage connected touchscreen deadbolt is highly recommended. Such device can replace all door locks. It involves a bit of setup but the process is simple. It contains thirty unique PIN entry codes, ANSI grade one security and an alarm which alerts you when it detects something suspicious. 

Schlage works with the hub and this allows locking and unlocking remotely through the web using sensors or a Smartphone. Just remember that the lock itself isn’t a full guarantee and you as well should be on alert for possibly dangerous situations.

 6. Smoke Detector

The smoke detector is the kind of safety devices that you don't need up until the point when you absolutely do. When choosing one, going for the modern smart systems, like the Roost Smart Battery is recommended. This device plugs into any smoke or carbon monoxide detector and when the alarm goes off, you will be alerted on your Smartphone. You can then call 911 or you can make the alarm go silent if it was triggered by something petty.


With those six gadgets, you will have a great home setup without needing much effort to set up. There are so many practical benefits that these gadgets offer and another huge bonus is that they can interact with each other seamlessly.

Ellen Royce is a Colchester based writer. Having graduated the University of Essex for creative writing and traveled the world, Ellen has developed a passion for technology and culture - how the two interact and change each other, how the society changes in the 21st century.


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