A guide on painting terracotta roof tiles

27 September 2022

Terracotta roof tiles are one of the world's most popular types of roofing tile. They’re made from clay so they won’t rot or corrode like other materials. The clay is baked into a hard ceramic-like material and then glazed to give it colour and texture.

Terracotta roofs have been used for centuries as a natural way to protect buildings from the elements. However, as with many traditional building materials, terracotta roofs are gradually replaced by more modern alternatives.

These tiles come in many different colours, including reds, browns, whites and yellows, which makes them ideal for matching with other home features such as stone or brickwork. The colour will also vary depending on where they were produced, so there is no guarantee that two pieces of terracotta will match exactly even if the same manufacturer made them

In Australia, terracotta roof tiles are still widely used for domestic and commercial purposes.

Benefits associated with terracotta roof tiles

Some of the benefits you can get from having terracotta roof tiles for your Australian home:

It is durable and long-lasting. Terracotta roof tiles are made from high-quality clay fired at very high temperatures. This ensures that they do not easily break or crack. They can withstand extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and heavy rain.

They are eco-friendly. In addition to being durable, terracotta roof tiles are eco-friendly because they do not produce any toxic gases or fumes when fired. This means they do not add to pollution problems caused by traditional clay bricks, which release harmful pollutants into the environment as they are processed into building materials.

Low maintenance cost. They have low maintenance costs compared with other roofing materials such as concrete tiles and other roofing materials which require frequent repairs due to their low durability and poor resistance against harsh weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rainfall, which may damage them over time, leading to costly repairs or replacement costs at least once every few years depending on how frequently these extreme weather conditions occur where you live in Australia

Attractive appearance. A terracotta roof offers an attractive look that suits every home style and adds character to any outdoor living space. From traditional Tuscan-style homes to modern designs, there's something for everyone! You can choose different colours and textures depending on how much maintenance you want to do yourself (or how much money you want to spend).

It's energy efficient. Terracotta roof tiles help reduce energy loss in your home because they're made out of lightweight materials that allow heat to easily escape through the roof while keeping cool air inside during hot days. This means you won't have to turn on your air conditioning unit often during hot summers.

Common pros of painting terracotta roof tiles

The most obvious one is that it protects the terracotta roof tiles from the elements.
It makes your house look more modern and attractive than if you had a plain terracotta roof.
It can be done in any colour you like so that you can match your house with your garden or other features.
The paint will last for many years, depending on how well it was applied and maintained throughout its life span (10 years or more).

Common cons of painting terracotta roof tiles

The biggest con of painting terracotta is that it requires several coats of paint. The first coat will be absorbed into the material and provide a surface to which subsequent coats can adhere. You will need to apply at least two coats of paint for complete coverage, possibly more if the tile has been exposed to weather or other elements.

The second con of painting terracotta is that, when you are done, you will have a new colour and texture on your roof tiles. The original colours and textures of the material are lost in the painting process. This can also be considered an advantage: since many people have trouble matching existing tile colours, painting your own tiles allows you to create any combination you want.

The third con of painting terracotta is that it may require additional maintenance over time as the paint wears off.

How long does a terracotta tiled roof last?

The life of terracotta roofing tiles depends on several factors, including the material used in the manufacturing process and the thickness of the tile.
Terracotta roof tiles can last anywhere from 50 years to 100 years or more. The longer they last, the better they are.
There are two main types of terracotta roofing tiles: fired and unfired. Firing is a process in which clay is heated to temperatures between 1,200 and 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit (650-870 degrees Celsius). The heat makes them stronger and harder so they don't crack as easily when exposed to heat or cold. Unfired terracotta tiles are not fired and therefore tend to break more easily than their fired counterparts.
The thickness of your terracotta roofing tile also affects its lifespan. Thinner tiles have less strength than thicker ones and may be more susceptible to cracking if exposed to extreme temperatures or heavy loads.

Why hire professionals to paint your terracotta tiled roof?

Terracotta tiles are a beautiful addition to any home. They add character and charm, but they also require special care. If you don't take care of them properly, they will deteriorate quickly and lose their appearance. When painting terracotta tiles, you must hire a professional roofer to do the job. 

Here are a few reasons why:

The paint job will last longer - Perhaps one of the most important reasons you should hire professionals to paint your terracotta tiled roof in Australia. The paint job will last longer if done correctly by a professional painter who knows what he or she is doing. A professional painter will be able to seal the surface to prevent water from seeping through it and damaging your roofing material over time. This means you won't have to worry about repainting your roof for years after the initial job is done.

It's safer than using DIY methods When you use DIY methods to paint your terracotta tiled roof, several things can go wrong that could lead to an accident, such as slipping off the ladder or falling off the roof altogether.

They have the required skills and expertise - Painting a terracotta tiled roof requires specific skills, experience and expertise only professionals possess. Hiring professionals will ensure that they do not miss any details or get any mistakes and thus make sure that your roof looks remarkable after painting.

They have good quality equipment - Professional painters use good quality equipment, ensuring they can deliver quality results even when working under extreme conditions like heat or rain etc.


While terracotta roof tiles are lovely, a few things to consider before you paint them. If you are confident of your ability to complete this project and have the right kind of tile, it could help improve the appearance of your home. However, without careful planning and preparation, this can be a risky project and one that might leave permanent marks or damage you don't want. So, to avoid this type of mishap, we suggest hiring roof restoration Berwick professionals.

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