Home Design Guides: Energy and water management, Home automation

Smart meters and home automation

Smart meters allow your electricity provider to communicate with and control specific appliances, and to provide information to your home automation systems. Read on to find out more about how smart meters work.

Home automation and energy consumption

Smart home automation systems can do a great deal not only to make your home comfortable and secure, but also to ensure that your lighting, climate control and other systems are set up for maximum efficiency.

An energy management dashboard

Energy management systems

Energy management works best when you're able to see exactly how much is being consumed, and where it's being consumed. Find out what sorts of systems will help you to achieve this.

Energy management dashboards

Energy management dashboards or systems can be used in conjunction with smart meters to help monitor and regulate how electricity is used in your home.

Sub metering and smart water meters

See what the law says about water sub metering for apartment blocks, and using smart meters to assess and manage your water usage.