Home Design Guides: Regulations, Bushfire prone areas

Bushfire safety and windows

Devastating bushfires are unfortunately an all too common occurrence across Australia.
In response to recent bushfire attacks a revised building standard has been...

Bushfire and fire regulations for walls

Fires are one of the most common household disasters to happen, yet have equally devastating effects. Learn about fireproofing regulations for your walls to minimise the risk.

Bushfire regulations for flooring

Certain regulations apply to the way floors should be constructed in bushfire prone areas of Australia. Find out what you need to know.

Roofs and bushfire codes

If you live in a bushfire prone area, your roof will need to meet special requirements in terms of the way it's constructed. Find out what this means for your home.

Bushfire regulations for decking and pergolas

Regulations apply in bushfire prone areas which may affect how you're allowed to build a pergola. Find out what regulations apply, and how they affect your plans.