Home Design Guides: Bathroom, Shower

Exhaust fans

Kitchens and bathrooms can become very steamy and stuffy, and powered ventilation fans are an excellent way of providing fast, effective ventilation to these areas.

Shower checklist

Shower checklist

Installing a shower? Use the shower checklist to make sure you've considered all of the important things before committing to a choice.

Shower and bath combinations

A very popular choice, and not a particularly difficult one to implement. Shower and tub setups are versatile and help to save space in your bathroom.

Shower lighting

Depending on your shower screen or curtain, you may also need to consider how much light will be blocked.

WELS labels and ratings

Water-producing bathroom fittings in Australia need to comply with basic water-efficiency standards. As a part of the WELS scheme, they are rated and given a label that shows how efficient they are.

Bathroom waterproofing

Part of installing a shower is ensuring that the area surrounding it is properly sealed to prevent water from leaking out and damaging your house. Find out how this is done.

WaterMark labels

The WaterMark certification label signifies that a plumbing product complies with certain quality and performance standards.

Distance between water and power points

Regulations in Australia restrict where you're able to position power points in relation to sinks and taps. Find out what the rules say, and how far your power points will need to be from your kitchen sink.