AV content and media guide

What is content

What is 'content'?

Content is the stuff that entertains you - it's what audio visual or home theatre setups are designed to allow you to appreciate, and it can come in many forms...

How to manage content

How to manage content

Choosing systems to manage your content is mostly a matter of figuring out what sort of content you currently have, how you use it, and where you want to have access to it.

How to connect your set top box

Got a set top box? Not sure which cable goes where? Find out how to connect your set top box quickly and easily.

How to improve your WiFi range

How to improve WiFi range

Find out how to set your home up to get the best range and signal from your WiFi access point. Learn more about what affects signal strength and range.

DVD players

Most of us know what DVDs are and what they're used for, but there's a lot more to DVDs than meets the eye. Find out more about region compatibility, scene modes and other DVD capabilities and limitations.

Blu-ray Disc

As the successor of DVD, Blu-Ray Discs allow for greater storage capacities, higher resolution movies and many other feature and functionalities.

Home Theatre PC (HTPC)

Home theatre PCs are effectively computers that are used in the living room to serve movies, games and communications, among other things. They can also be used to control other aspects of your smart home.

Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

PVRs, also known as 'Digital Video Recorders' (or DVRs) allow you to record what's on television and play it back when you're ready to watch it. These systems are often integrated into other devices like TVs.

Cloud storage

An increasingly common way to store media and content, cloud storage takes advantage of fast internet speeds and large data centres to store your content online rather than in your home.

Playstation 3

Game consoles as media centres

As well as allowing you to play games, video game consoles have evolved to also work as streaming audio and video devices, communication tools and exercise machines, among other things.

Streaming media

Streaming media is media that is stored in one location, which is able to be played back in another location over an internet connection.

IPTV and Video on Demand (VoD)

In contrast to the traditional 'watch whatever's on' style of television, IPTV now allows you to choose what you'd like to watch, whenever you'd like to watch it.

Digital TV

Digital TV

Digital TV offers a far higher resolution picture than the analogue TV sets of yesteryear. To access digital TV, you need either a set-top box (STB) or a television with a digital tuner built into it.

Digital radio

Digital radio offers considerable advantages over conventional analogue AM and FM radio, including program guides, the ability to pause and rewind, and many other useful features.

Set top boxes (STBs)

A set top box is an important piece of hardware for anyone who doesn't have a digital TV tuner built into their TV. Find out if you need one, and what to look for in a set top box.

Internet speeds for streaming media

Factors like bandwidth and latency will have an impact on how fast your Internet is, which in turn may impact how well you can stream movies, watch IPTV and so forth. Learn how to evaluate the speed of your Internet connection.

Wired home networks

Linking the Internet-connected devices in your smart home via wires has several advantages, the most notable of which include security and reliability. Wired networks are also more complicated and expensive to set up.

Wireless internet laws

Wireless internet laws

Wireless Internet is very popular, but there are rules relating to how it can be used - and connecting to your neighbour's access points may get you in a lot of trouble.

Types of home networks

Connecting devices to the Internet in your home can be done either using wires, or using wireless technologies. Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.

How to connect banana plugs

There are many ways to connect your receiver to your speakers, but banan plugs are seen as a preferred option. Find out how to connect them.