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How to choose home theatre doors

Getting a home theatre just right is an art - one that requires very careful control over both light and sound. Find out how choosing the right doors can either make or break your home theatre.


Most speakers make use of small, high-frequency drivers called 'tweeters'. Tweeters are responsible for reproducing high pitched sounds, from 1500Hz upwards.

What is overscan?

Overscanning is a hangover from older technologies - and if it's turned on, it may be affecting the quality of the image on your TV.

100+ best movies to show off your home cinema

Want to know what the best movies are to test the limits of your home cinema with? Read one expert's extensive list of movies that will show off what your home theatre is capable of.

Soundproofing performance considerations

Performance considerations for soundproofing

Find out more about how sound travels in a home, and how certain things will help to stop or control it.

Music to test speakers with

Obviously everyone has different tastes, but the right sorts of music can make a significant difference to how objectively you're able to test your speakers. Find out how the experts evaluate and demonstrate their speakers.