Home Design Guides: Pergola

Acrylic and polycarbonate pergola roofing

Acrylic sheeting is often used on pergola roofs to provide affordable protection from the elements in a range of styles and textures. Acrylic sheeting can be either opaque, or clear to let light in.

Thatch pergola roofing

Thatch roofing, made from natural fibres and grasses, can be installed on pergolas and gazebos to provide shade and protection from the rain, and to help evoke a tropical look and feel.

Decking and pergola infills

Patterned, ornate wooden infills can either be used as roof cladding, or attached to pergola or gazebo walls to offer further shade or privacy - or simply to enhance the look of your pergola.

Spans, decking width and bracing

A variety of construction methods and measures can be used to add strength and structural stability to decking. Find out what's necessary, and how decks can be strengthened and reinforced.

Deck and pergola footings and supports

The footings and supports used for your pergola will directly affect how stable it is. They will also determine how resistant it is to rot and termites, among other things.

Cladded pergolas

Various types of cladding can be installed on pergolas, including shadecloth, steel, plastic, PVC, among others. Find out more about what cladded pergolas and gazebos offer, and how claddings differ.

Open top pergolas

Pergolas and gazebos without roof cladding are called 'open top' pergolas. These pergolas offer a way to improve the look of outdoor areas, as well as to channel airflow and increase privacy.

Gabled pergolas

Gabled pergolas feature a ridged or peaked roof, and are recognisable for their triangular shape. Gabled pergolas are attractive, and allow for good water runoff and extra height.

Pitched pergolas

Pitched pergolas differ from flat roofed pergolas in that they incorporate a 'pitched' or angled roof. Pitched pergolas allow for good water runoff, and a range of interesting design options.

Sail pergolas

Sail pergolas are a type of pergola that incorporates a stretched sail suspended between posts as the main roofing structure. These types of pergolas offer a sleek, modern look.

How to restain a deck or pergola

Over time, decks may lose their colour and lustre. Find out how to choose the right stain for your deck, and safely restain it to the best effect.

Do I need a council permit for a deck or pergola?

Depending on the type of pergola you intend to build, you may need to apply for specific permission to build. Find out when you're likely to need permission, and how to go about submitting an application.

Cyclone regulations for decks and pergolas

If you're planning on building a pergola in a cyclone prone part of Australia, it will need to comply with the cyclone code. Find out what sorts of cyclone proofing measures are required.

Bushfire regulations for decking and pergolas

Regulations apply in bushfire prone areas which may affect how you're allowed to build a pergola. Find out what regulations apply, and how they affect your plans.

Pergola shapes and designs

The shape and design of your pergola will affect how strong it is, and how effective it is at providing shade, shelter and comfort. See what kinds of variations exist in designs and how they compare.

Pergola size

The size of the pergola you choose to build will have a direct bearing not just on its need to support itself, but may also affect how it's able to be attached to other structures.

Pergola costs and prices

Depending on what sort of pergola you're planning, how big it is and what materials you plan on using, cost and price can vary wildly. Find out how different choices will affect the cost of your pergola.

Pergola lighting

If you're planning to do any evening entertaining at all, safe and effective pergola lighting is a big deal. Find out how best to light your pergola or gazebo, and what sorts of things will make a difference.

Pergola maintenance

Pergola maintenance

A bit of care and attention from time to time will help to ensure that your pergola stands up to the elements and continues to look as good as it did when you installed it.

Solar power pergolas

If you have a pergola (or you're planning to build one) you might also want to consider using that roof space to collect a bit of sun precious sunlight. Read about solar power pergolas and how they're installed.