For hot water system replacement, consult with an expert plumbing company

25 June 2020

Hot water is not a luxury – it is the basic requirement of an Australian household today. From washing dishes to doing the laundry, hot water is required in the shower and bath, helping keep homes pleasant and warm, all the year through. 

The existing water heater at your home may need to be replaced when the water starts to leak too often, or the system has gotten too old and is costing a lot on your pocket. 

When going in for hot water system replacement, you need to critically consider these few parameters so that you can make the right decision.

 1. The type of water heater

As a homeowner, you need to make a choice between the tank and the tankless units. The primary difference between the two is that the former has a reservoir or storage unit for storing the hot water while the latter does not. In order to take a call on this, it is important to first understand the need of your family. Remember that the upfront cost of the tank model is more than the tankless one but over a period, the tankless model may work out more expensive. That the space required for the tank model will be more and you need to have that kind of space at your home.

 2.  Source of energy or fuel

As an informed homeowner you must be aware of the different energy sources that come into play for the water heating system. The tank and the tankless models are available to run using different sources of energy – electric, gas, and solar energy. In order to make a choice, you might consider things like the upfront cost, the installation costs, running costs, energy efficiency, and maintenance costs. Many households that already have an existing gas pipeline go in for the gas system while some homeowners choose the solar water heaters because they are very high on energy efficiency and of course are eco-friendly too.

3. Water consumption

Depending on how much water needs to be heated to meet the daily requirement of your household, you need to consider the capacity of the water heater. Obviously, for a larger family, a larger capacity will be required, and vice versa. Some large families choose to go with smaller capacity tanks because their consumption of hot water is less. Hence, this needs to be decided on a case-to-case basis depending on the exact requirement of the family.

4. Sustainability

Water heating systems have been found to be contributing to a great extent to the emission of greenhouse gases. In order to save the environment, the Australian government encourages residents to go in for sustainable water heating systems like solar water heaters and gas water heaters. 

When deciding to go in for hot water system replacement in Canberra, check out Any Time Hot Water, a reputed company that provides the best services and systems. When using these services, it is critical for a homeowner to speak and consult with an experienced local hot water Canberra plumbing company so that the right decision can be taken. This is a major fixture in your house that also involves a lot of money, installation and re-installation work. Consulting with an expert will give you peace of mind because these are the people who are qualified and trained to understand the exact requirement and accordingly advise the best water heating solution for your home.

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