How to build a new house and make it strong to live in with the help of Queenslander home builders

22 July 2020



The house you want to build must have a foundation, walls, windows, doors and roof. Owners and builders can choose the shape, size, construction, and finish materials as long as they comply with building codes and any local restrictions. Homework is necessary and consults construction contractors, architects and other professionals also. Make sure you understand the building regulations and fees required by the community and apply for a permit in advance. Also make sure you have the necessary skills, temperament and financial situation. If you are hiring a contractor, please make sure that both parties fully understand the construction budget.

Important factors to remember


Design can be the most important single element of building a house. If you're designing your own home, think about how you use each room and how you want the rooms to flow or connect with each other. Having two or more floors will provide more space in a smaller room, but stairs can be a challenge for disabled people or the elderly. Also consider the exterior of your home and how your patio, yard or deck will become part of your living space. The foundation carries the weight of the entire house and provides an even construction plane for everything above it. Typical foundations are built of steel reinforced concrete, starting from the frost line and joining the walls above the ground. Houses can have a crawling space or be built of concrete slab on a slope.

Main things to consider in the construction


Houses can be framed with wood or steel or they can be built of logs, bricks, fired bricks or slag. Choose the type of construction you want, but remember the pros and cons of each. For example, if you live in an area prone to floods or earthquakes, the type of construction must be able to withstand these events. Contact your district or city construction department to learn which codes to follow. Houses that are well insulated or have thermal mass will be more energy efficient, will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The use of building dimensions matching standard lengths of dimensional wood and standard sizes of plywood, drywall and other construction materials will ensure the most economical use of materials.

Each and every person from Queensland has their own unique problems. It’s because of limited space and storage space, seasonal temperature control, insufficient lighting in residential areas, etc. At JDL Renovations, they take pride in restoring old houses and building new ones. Queenslander home builders build your home from scratch.


They help you with home buildings like:-


  • Concepts, architecture and design
  • Certifications and approvals
  • Specifications and fittings
  • Planning and quotations
  • Building, management and reporting
  • Quality assurance and maintenance.


Since 1978 JDL Construction have been building and renovating homes in Brisbane. This expertise has been enhancing the Brisbane build experience and lifestyles of our customers with our unique Building and Renovation methodology.