How to Choose a Good Custom Cabinet Maker

03 June 2018

Creating the cabinets of your home is a herculean task. From modifying dimensions of your closet to fit the size of your space to build your design from scratch, it is supposed to last as long as your house stands. They should be sturdy,  they should be strong, and of course, they should blend well with your home. Designing your cabinet is very easy, but looking for a cabinetmaker who can do the job right is the hard part. So without further ado here is a list of things that you should look for in cabinet makers.


Of course, we wouldn't let a random carpenter with no experience in making cabinets do the job. It has to be from someone who has a long-running involvement in the craft. You are looking for somebody who is willing to accept any request. A flexible person who has contingency plans for anything that might happen. Who knows he might have a few suggestions for your designs that will make your cabinet far more functional and you'll never have to worry again where to put your best cutlery sets. Having experience with custom cabinet making also means you do not have to worry at all.


A lot of custom cabinet makers do it for the money. However, there are a few diamonds in the rough that consider cash as their second priority. Finding a craftsman that loves talking about his work happens very rarely but having a passion for your work, it's always a welcome quality.

No privacy

A good custom cabinet maker is willing to show how he works on the projects that you give him. He is enthusiastic in showing you what he is going to do and the steps he is going to take to make your dream cabinet a reality. The craftsman who is insecure about making mistakes is not a good craftsman at all. We all make mistakes; it happens all the time. Admitting you made some deserves respect.

A great reputation

Nobody will get mad if you ask around about the works of one individual. People can give comments whether they were happy with their projects or not. Knowing this, you will be able to understand and weigh things in. Although it is true that you cannot please anybody, taking a look at their previous works and creations will give you an understanding of what he can achieve.

Transparent pricing

Of course, before you start the project, you are going to have to talk about the pricing. Here, you have to make sure transparent pricing is practiced. A good cabinet maker will have an open pricing structure for you to review and in some cases bargain. Stating your budget is also essential since it will tell your cabinet maker on what areas he should focus. Being reasonable with prices on both sides of the party will result in a beautiful creation that will make the both of you proud.

There you have it- the qualities of a great craftsman whether it be cabinets, chairs,  tables, and others. Making sure that the craftsman has these qualities ensure great solutions.