How to Choose a Right Bathroom Basin for you?

20 November 2017

It’s always difficult to choose a bathroom basin that is perfectly suitable to your needs. Well, if recently you have visited a bathroom showroom or any online site, you would have come up with numerous basin options, right? But now the question is which basin is the best to select from this numerous choices? 

Well, there are many things to consider such as the colour tone, its look, what is your budget of purchasing it, how much should be the storage space, what types of bathroom basins are available, and what not. This blog will to help you to be aware of some of the options available to you when choosing a basin and what the important factors to consider.

What are the dimensions of your bathroom?

For selecting an accurate basin option, make sure to know the dimensions of the location where you want to place it. See that your new basin will fit into space or not, or do you need to cut-out the space to place the basin.

What colour of the basin will match your bathroom?

Do you want your basin to match the colour of your bathroom or want it contrasting? Yes, it is very important to make a note of the colour tone. When you select the colour make sure to consider the colour of other fixtures as well. Will the colours clash or match to other fixtures of your bathroom? And many other questions that should be fixed before you step ahead to purchase the one.

What are the types of bathroom basins?

Under Counter Basins

bathroom basin


Under Counter basins are very easy to clean and maintain. In simple words, it is a modern, beautiful, and distinctive form of the basin that can assist in enhancing the appearance of your bathroom. If you wish to install the simplest basin type in your bathroom, go for under counter basins. This type of bathroom basins is mostly found in the homes where a number of people use a single bathroom.

Pedestal Basins

bathroom basin


Are you looking for a basin that occupies less amount of space in your bathroom? A good choice of the basin for a compact spaced bathroom is pedestal basins. Their sleek and sophisticated look can visually enlarge your bathroom. In fact, it comes in varied of sizes and style; hence you have a variety of options to get a perfectly suitable one for your bathroom.

Wall-Mounted Basins

bathroom basin


Wall-mount basins are one of the most popular types of basin option available. They are basically hung on the wall at a stipulated location and height. As the time grew, the popularity of wall-mounted basins has increased in the market. Obviously because of its look, compact sizes, and designs that are easily available. Surplus to that, wall-mounted basins are much popular because they are ideal for universal access applications. 

Which type of basin sets to select?

There are considerable categories of bathroom accessories. Some of them are expensive, while some of them are less. Among them, one is the basin set. Basically, a basin set comprises of hot and cold water taps as well as a faucet to deliver the water. Hence, be sure to select a basin set that is accurate and appropriate to your bathroom basin needs.