How to choose vertical blinds for our homes

25 December 2020

Interior design is a very broad creative field that we should all take the time to explore. When it comes to creating the perfect home for our families with a touch of each member's personality, there are many lamps and home accessories available on the market that can help us achieve this.

 Window treatments are one aspect of the home design that we could try to explore when it comes to interior design. However, for some, they still prefer to stick to the design basics, much like vertical blinds.

 Vertical window treatments add height to a room with a low ceiling. These types of blinds are ideal for patio doors, bay windows, and sliding glass doors or windows. Plus, they are much easier to clean than horizontal blinds, making them a favorite choice for interior designers.

 However, before you buy vertical shades, you need to consider the budget, the style of your home, and the lifespan of your curtains.

 Choosing one depends on your aesthetic preference. Here are some quick tips you can follow.

 How long should this last?

 Measure your window frame first. The curtains should cover the entire window for maximum privacy and good light control.

 Mainly, you should be familiar with the two styles of vertical blinds: interior mounted curtains and exterior-mounted curtains. The inner bracket is aligned with the window frame. While the outer bracket hangs outside the window frame. It appears bulky and covers a larger area.

 For interior mounted curtains, measure the length and width of the window frame. However, for outdoor mounting, you can decide how long the blinds last, as you can drop them longer than the window. But to be safe, you can also add 1.5 to 3 inches on each side to make sure it overlaps.

 Choose the materials.

 Vertical wooden blinds

 Wooden blinds add elegance to a room. It is popular in many homes, although the wood is prone to mold and fades easily in sunlight. Covering multiple windows is also not recommended as it will cost too much.

 PVC blinds (polyvinyl chloride)

 This synthetic material is durable and comes in different colors. PVC is a fire retardant and ideal for your child's room.

 Vertical textile blinds

 Those who wanted to combine the softer feel of the curtains with the elegant structure of the blinds opted for vertical fabric curtains. A vacuum cleaner can remove dust, although stains are more difficult to clean.

 Aluminum blinds

 These types of materials do not rust over time and are easier to clean. However, they can be noisy when the doors are closed or when it's windy with the window open.

 The cost of vertical blinds varies depending on the materials, the length, and the number of windows where they will be installed. You can let the store staff do it for you or you can install it yourself.

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