How to Decorate a Rental House on a Budget

19 September 2018

More and more people are living in rental properties, and it’s essential to make a house feel like home. Decorating your rental apartment or house can be challenging, especially on a budget. Renters have to walk a fine line between feeling at home and not breaking the bank – or their rental agreement.

Here we offer a comprehensive list of tips for decorating your rental property without breaking the rental laws or your budget. These tips will help to take your place from drab to fab.


Personalise with Your Colour Cravings

Do you have your heart set on a new colour scheme for your walls? You might not own it the property, but you can spruce the place up with a fresh coat of paint. While it can sometimes be problematic to convince your landlord to allow you free reign, there’s no harm in asking. If you are on good terms and have an approachable homeowner, it isn’t hard to give your rental a makeover with the help of professional painters in Dandenong and surrounding areas.

So it’s high time to give your apartment some personality, but you don’t want to alter the compliances. Luckily, you can still accessorise your place with cushions and various other décor items. These pretty little changes will make your rental house into a home. You can also fit some colourful wall-hangings in with the overall colour scheme of the room.

Add Greenery & Lighting

Add plants and flowers to bring life into your rental space. The addition of a little greenery is important to the overall feel and look of your rental home. Go for low-cost houseplants like succulents that are well suited to a home interior. An obvious benefit to adding a piece of nature in your home is to purify the air; it’s proven that doing so help you relax as well.

Lighting can be an easy fix. As most rental places don’t have enough natural lighting, add some functional light for reading purpose. You can place floor lights in the corners of your room to create a dramatic ambience. Lighting can easily give your place a different outlook, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

DIY for Bathrooms & Kitchens

Usually, rental house bathrooms and kitchens are the most neglected places. It might sound basic, but most kitchens in rental places lack proper shelving and cabinets. You can use cheap wall brackets from local DIY stores to address this problem with hanging storage.

In the kitchen, go for small changes like adding curtains, lamps and decorative storages. Curtains are an easy and affordable way to refresh your rental space. You can replace the old and tacky curtains with new ones to instantly uplift of the room. A rug on the kitchen floor can add some extra style and inspire you to spice your life up a bit more.


Renters can’t make permanent changes to their places. So, get creative. You can definitely make your rental property your own while you are staying there. There are some great affordable painters in Frankston and nearby suburbs providing comprehensive house painting and renovation services like Joyce Painting. Just remember to always check with the landlord first!


Emma Sneddon, a freelance writer and an independent blogger. I'm enthusiastic about anything related to trend, tech and minimalistic lifestyle. I mostly write about sustainable and alternative living solutions. I am making my way through it with my massive amounts of coffee.