How To Delete a Deposit in QuickBooks

14 October 2021

QuickBooks is a bookkeeping programming stacked with cutting-edge highlights. Little and medium-sized business owners across the globe trust it to keep up with their business effectively and meet their monetary objectives. While it's inconceivably simple to use, there are two or three fairly confounded components. Erasing a deposit in QuickBooks is one such component and we will clarify something similar here in this article. On the off chance that you make a misguided payment or a pointless payment, you can delete the deposit resources to stay with your's books right. 


What about we start by understanding payment classes in QuickBooks. QuickBooks payments are parted into two divisions i.e, Deposited payments and undeposited reserves. 

The deposited payments hold the singular payments and deposits into the bank, and the ensuing one, the undeposited payment holds the little payment that you get all through that very day. 

How to Delete a Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop? 

These means will help you with understanding the right methodology for eliminating deposits in QuickBooks. In case you are searching for how might I delete the deposit in QuickBooks, by then the underneath steps will help you: 

  • At the absolute first, go to the rundowns and search for the diagram of records symbol. 

  • Then, you need to double-tap on the record and double tap on the deposit. 

  • Assuming you need to delete a particular payment, you need to choose it from the rundown. 

  • Then, click on the alter tab and snap on the delete line. 

  • Finally, select the delete deposit if there is a need to delete the total deposit. 

Steps to undo a Payment from deposit in QuickBooks 

You can follow the underneath referenced strides to eliminate a payment from a deposit in QuickBooks: 

  • Go to QuickBooks Homepage and open Record Deposit 

  • Select Banking menu and the Make Deposits 

  • Tap on Cancel if the window for Payments to Deposit opens 

  • Pick Previous to peruse the exchanges till you find the payment or deposit that must be deleted. 

  • Tap on the Edit menu and afterward select Delete Deposit to eliminate the deposit in QuickBooks. 

Steps to Remove Duplicate Payments in QuickBooks 

Copy payments appear in QuickBooks when accidentally you enter the payment twice if incidentally, you might have entered the payment more than once. Follow the beneath referred to steps to effortlessly delete copy payments in QuickBooks. 

  • Snap-on the QuickBooks symbol work area and select the organization document. 

  • After your organization document opens on your PC screen, go to the Banking menu and select Make a Deposit from the choices on the screen. 

  • Pick the part that must be deleted and afterward pick Edit. 

  • Then, hit alter Delete Line starting from the drop menu. 

  • Snap Save for changes to get applied. 

  • Presently, move to the List menu and select Chart of Accounts. 

  • Double-tap on the undeposited reserves and the ledger register will open. 

  • At long last, click on the copy payment that must be deleted and utilize the Edit tab to Delete Payment. 

Steps to Delete or Undo Deposited Payment in QuickBooks 

  • Open QuickBooks and tap on the Record Deposits symbol accessible under the Banking tab on the dashboard. 

  • Trust that the Payments will Deposit window show up and afterward click Cancel under the Make Deposits View segment. 

  • I request to delete payments in QuickBooks, click on the specific deposit. In case you can't discover it, click Previous and track down a particular section. 

  • Go to the Edit menu and press Delete Deposit. 

  • An admonition message will show up, press OK to affirm the activity. 

  • Follow the underneath referenced strides to eliminate a payment from un-deposited assets in QuickBooks. 

Delete or Undo a Payment from Undeposited Funds 

  • Go to QuickBooks and choose Lists 

  • Pick Chart of Accounts. 

  • Select un-deposited assets starting from the drop list 

  • Do a right-click on Amount to be deleted and click Delete Deposit in the accessible alternatives. 

  • Press OK for affirming the activity 

Delete or Undo a Payment in QuickBooks Online 

  • In case you are utilizing QuickBooks Online, follow the underneath referenced strides to delete a payment. 

  • Open QuickBooks Online, go to the Customers menu and select the specific client. 

  • Trust that the payments will be shown and select the payment to delete. 

  • On the window of the payment, click More and afterward Delete. 

You have the possibility of how to delete and undo a deposit in QuickBooks. In any case, always remember that deposit, and direct deposit isn't something similar, so don't be bewildered while dropping direct deposit, and switching deposit in QuickBooks.