How to Get Rid of a Bulky Tree in Your Garden

28 October 2020

 In what cases does a tree turn out to be bulky?

The most common case of a bulky tree is when its species is not suited to the available space. For example, a tree planted in a very small garden that rises to 20 meters high. There is also the case of trees which are fond of water and which will clog internal water drainage systems. A tree, if it grows, can also be dangerous for residents or for the house. There is also the case where the tree is a source of dispute with the neighbors because its branches or roots encroach on their property. Finally, a tree can be considered bulky because it is badly placed and obstructs the view, for example. So before buying a tree, you should seek advice from the nurseryman.

How to get rid of a small tree?

For a tree up to 10 cm in diameter, you can use a saw. Japanese teeth saws, in particular, which cut when pulled, are very efficient. The larger branches are then cut with a strong pruning shears, and possibly the small branches with a small pruning shears.

What about a bulky medium-sized tree?

For a tree up to 30 cm in diameter, you can cut it yourself if you are used to handling certain tools and if you have the necessary space in the garden for the tree to fall. In this case, using a chainsaw, we make a triangular notch of a quarter of the diameter of the trunk. It is this notch which gives the direction of fall. Then we make a cut on the other side of the trunk, leaving a "hinge", which is a strip of wood on which the tree takes its direction of fall.

What about a large, bulky tree?

Beyond 30 cm in diameter or in the case of a tree that cannot fall in one piece, it is necessary to call on a specialized company: either a pruning company, or a landscape company with a specialty of pruning, with, in both cases, a minimum of two experienced arborist climbers. And avoid calling on simple gardeners or companies from other trades who do this occasionally.

How do professionals go about cutting down a large, bulky tree?

They proceed by disassembly. The experts at tree removal Milton climbs the tree to the top using ropes. It cuts all the branches then it ridges the trunk from top to bottom, in case there is nothing fragile at the bottom. Otherwise, they proceed by dismantling with retention, that is to say by holding all the pieces of wood and bringing them down delicately in a determined place. As for the stump, it is removed using a stump trimmer, which transforms it into chips and goes down to 70 cm deep, which allows it to replant immediately behind.

What are the safety rules for cutting down a bulky tree?

Already, an individual must assess the risks before doing this work himself because there are often accidents. If you feel able to handle a saw or a chainsaw, you should wear cut-resistant safety pants, leather gloves, safety shoes, goggles, ear protectors and possibly a helmet. Professionals must have suitable personal protective equipment, ropes, harnesses, carabiners ... approved.

What do you do with the remains of a bulky tree after it has been cut?

A private individual can make bundles with the branches for the barbecue or the fireplace. It can cut the trunk to make firewood. Optionally, if it is not white wood, it can keep part of the trunk in place to climb plants on it, to fix the children's hut, to install a bird feeder or to serve as a table leg. of the garden. Small branches can also be crushed using a chipper. We thus give back to the ground what the tree needs to develop. The professionals, for their part, crush the remains to make mulch for the beds. Thus crushed, the wood can also be used on site, or be sold to other individuals or businesses. Wood chips can also be sent to the wood energy sector to supply large boilers.