How to Give Your Home an Aesthetic Makeover

01 August 2020


It is said that a home reflects the personality of its owners. Over time, tastes and preferences undergo changes, and new sensibilities become a part of our way of life. Since our homes are a vital part of our lives and lifestyles, it is natural for them to undergo changes every now and then.

Some people make minor alterations in their homes on a regular basis, whereas others undertake varying degrees of renovations every few years – these could be major structural changes, or they could involve redesigning spaces as part of lifestyle changes or family requirements.

Makeover scan, in turn, have a couple of primary aims: to enhance a home’s functionality and comfort, and to increase its aesthetic appeal. Before going ahead with the actual remodeling job, many people face certain dilemmas such as

a) balancing the functional and aesthetic aspects of the renovation,

b) deciding if the help of professionals such as architects should be taken, and

c) ensuring that budgets and timelines are met.

There is often a misconception that giving a home an aesthetic makeover involves spending a lot of money. This need not always be the case. With a little planning, creativity and innovative thinking, an existing home can be given an artistic makeover in a relatively cost-effective manner. Here are some easy-to-adopt makeover options to give your home an aesthetic look.

Giving walls a facelift
There is no dearth of options when it comes to giving walls an artistic facelift. It is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give a new lease of life to your home and increase its visual beauty. From textured paint to wallpaper and accent walls to exposed brick walls, myriad options are available to redesign walls.

Light-coloured walls reflect light and give homes a breezy, airy look. Do you have a collection of pre-digital age photographs? Use them to create an aesthetic photo wall/collage wall –you can even do this yourself! Since walls make up one of the largest surface areas, selecting the right wall covering can change the visual appeal of your entire home

Rethinking floor coverings
Flooring suffers the maximum wear and tear inside homes, especially in high-traffic areas such as entryways, living rooms and kitchens. If the existing flooring is made up of linoleum or wood tiles which look frayed, it may be worthwhile to experiment with new flooring. Like wall coverings, many options are available to redo your home’s flooring.

If your home is compact, selecting light-coloured flooring options – whether wooden, tiles or vinyl – will not only look visually appealing but also make your home look larger. If your flooring does not need changing, its aesthetic appeal can be increased by using area rugs and floor cushions in offbeat colours and patterns.

Professional decorators can also suggest interesting ways to lay tiles or other flooring material to increase your home’s artistic appeal.

Using wall art and décor
Even with the best wall covering and flooring, your home may not exude the visual appeal which you desire. The missing link could be wall art or wall décor. A painting or artefact immediately makes a wall interesting and serves as a focal visual point.

These days, art is available at all price points, so you need not spend a fortune to decorate your walls. Look for artwork from new and upcoming artists; you are sure to find a good deal.

Sometimes, a beautiful piece of fabric lying with you can be framed to make an inexpensive and fun artwork. While decorating your home’s walls, the sky is the limit as far as creativity and imagination is concerned!

Incorporating natural elements
Natural elements have the power to transform living spaces and make them look surreal. Whether it is indoor plants or the use of organic materials on surfaces, incorporating natural elements is one of the most effective ways to increase your home’s aesthetic look.

These days, pre-fabricated materials which mimic the look of natural materials are available as viable and inexpensive alternatives. You also do not need to go overboard to incorporate natural elements if your budget does not permit it; the idea is to bring a part of nature into your home, and you can always do it in a small way to start with.

Re-purposing and refurbishing
Re-modelling to make your home look aesthetic does not mean that everything has to be brand new. Quite often, re-purposing or refurbishing existing things can change the look dramatically. Sofas and couches can be enhanced by changing the upholstery or using interesting accessories; cupboards, tables and doors can be repainted, re-polished or even repurposed into entirely new furniture to align with your tastes.

Sometimes, simply painting a door or cupboard can do wonders. These days, many people prefer using furniture which is classy, functional and space-saving. Some of your old, bulky furniture can be converted into new, sleek pieces to enhance the look of your home.

Renovating a home may seem to be a daunting task, but it can definitely be made simpler. For people who want to keep it uncomplicated, the ideas mentioned above can serve as a good starting point to make your home functional and aesthetically appealing.

For those who have the budget to do so, or where the renovations involved are extensive, hiring the services of professionals is definitely advised – they will help in preparing the entire renovation plan and offer their expertise at every stage of the process.


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