How to Identify the Right Hot Water System?

18 December 2017

Heating water is considered to be the second largest energy expense for residential properties. While there is nothing in this world that can beat a warm and relaxing hot shower but the rising environmental impacts of energy use can be reduced by choosing the right hot water systems.

Hot Water System

The Different Types of Hot Water System

There are four different types of water heaters and these are namely:

  • Heat Pump: The heat pump heaters make use of electricity to move heat from one particular point to another. These systems can be used not only for heating water and work on a same principle of air conditioning systems. Heat pump versions are commonly used for home improvement projects.
  • Storage Tank: This is a popular hot water system seen in almost every household. As the name suggests, the water in this unit gets stored within a tank which is continuously heated by natural gas, electricity, and propane or oil. This water then is drawn from the top of the tank with the help of a faucet.
  • Tankless: The tankless water heater systems are quite similar to tanked hot water systems; however, a major difference between the two lies in the absence of tank. In tankless system, the water is heated as it flows continuously without the need of storing them at a particular place.  
  • Solar: The solar hot water system is relatively new units in which the water is heated using solar energy. If the water tank does not receive enough then a conventional heater helps achieve the desired temperature.

What to Consider When Choosing Hot Water System?

The question that often revolves in the mind of many is: which hot water system to choose out of the innumerable options you come across? Though it might sound a complex question, but the answer to this lies in the factors that you need to consider and these are:

  • Fuel Type: The source of energy or fuel type is not the same for every hot water systems. However, this can have a great impact on the overall efficiency of the system along with its operational costs.
  • Size: The size of the system is based on the preferences that you have. You have to ensure that the product that you choose is able to meet the everyday hot water demands of your household use.
  • Costs: The expenses involved in installing the hot water system are equally important. You would never want to invest on a product that requires too much care or is unable to provide the performance that you had expected from it.
  • Energy Efficiency: At last, the energy efficiency even plays an integral role in managing the expenses of hot water systems. Most of the manufacturers offer an average estimate of the efficiency, so that you are able to compare and choose the best.

Hot Water System for Home

Why Rely on Professional Suppliers for Hot Water Systems?

Understanding the type of system that you need is not enough, besides that you have to discover a potential supplier who is able to provide the type, quality and size of hot water system that you are looking for and that too at an affordable price.

To find the right person you can conduct thorough research and know more about the different suppliers near you, for how long have they been in this business and what do their previous customers have to say about them. In fact, most of the companies offer installation and maintenance services too, making them the one stop destination for all your hot water system needs.