How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Service Running Smoothly All Summer Long

08 March 2023

Air Conditioners run in almost every house all summer long and it can be really tough on your HVAC system to handle this burden. Without proper maintenance, your AC service may struggle to keep up with the demands of the season, leading to higher energy bills, potential breakdowns, and less comfortable living space.

As a consequence, you must follow some basic measures to keep your system running smoothly throughout the season. Keep reading this blog for those amazing tips with detailed descriptions and best place to get airconditioning service 'near me'

Purify Air Filters

When there is a layer of dirt gathered on your air filter, it will be difficult for your air conditioner to run and ultimately, would require more energy to operate efficiently. This is also the reason showing how a bad working AC system would generate high energy bills. 

To be safe from this inconvenience, take time out to clean air filters frequently throughout the season. Here’s how you can DIY at home:

  • Before starting, make sure that your system isn’t connected to any power resource. 

  • See where your system's air filter is placed 

  • As most filters are reusable, you can take them off carefully. Ensure that no debris or dirt is falling into your HVAC system. 

  • Examine the filter. You might need to replace it and buy a new one if you see any damage. 

  • Dust off the dirt by using a vacuum cleaner or any other similar tool at your home.

  • Now wash the remaining debris with simple water. Do not use any specific soap or detergent. 

  • Let it dry. 

  • That’s it. Install the air filter back in its place. 

It’s always suggested to hire a air conditioner service 'near me' to deal with any electrical task as a little mistake might take your life or worsen the whole thing. 

Observe The Outdoor AC Unit Too

Summer is known for throwing summer parties and playing in the sun outdoors. This way, the area where your outdoor unit is fitted becomes surrounded by different accessories or toys. 

Most people pay all the attention to the indoor unit and totally neglect the care required by the outdoor unit. This is the reason why their system lacks efficiency. In order to keep your system running, keep your external unit clear and clean. Invest in its cover for keeping it away from dust. 

Examine Drip Pans

Drip pans are a component of air conditioning systems that are manufactured in such a way to gather and store condensate water that forms as a result of the cooling process. 

It's common for it to leak after some time of use. For the health of your air conditioner, it's crucial for you to examine that drip pan for checking the leakage. It's mostly placed underneath the evaporator coil. You are highly suggested to call experts at HQ Electrical & Air for air conditioner maintenance 'near me' as doing this task yourself isn't possible. 

Install Thermostat

Overusing the air conditioner is the main factor contributing to its low efficiency and high energy bills. Well, not using them is not going to help due to the scorching sun. Act smartly by keeping an eye on the thermostat. Make sure not to keep it on all the time unnecessarily. 

Upgrading to a smart thermostat this another good option to save on electrical bills. They are also known as programmable thermostat and helpful in adjusting the temperature even when you're not at home. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance Visits With An Expert

No one other than a professional and experienced electrician knows best about the AC unit installed in your home. Doing it yourself might look like budget efficient and quick process but keep in mind that there's a lot risk associated with this procedure. Don't depend over YouTube tutorials and look for professional help around you. 

HQ Electrical & Air offers leading air conditioning service perth at cheap rates. Keeping electrical fixtures on hold can be really dangerous. Contact and ask them to set up a proper schedule in which they'll visit you to examine your AC system. This way, you would be able to identify and fix any problem at the right time. 


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