How Often Rainwater Tanks Need Maintenance?

14 May 2021

Rainwater harvesting is a great initiative for water conservation. It is a good alternative to deal with the scarcity of water during the dry month of the year. Not every place in the world has water abundance as they do not have enough rain. These dry places have to spend a good amount of money on water supplies. After the Rain Water Tank Adelaide became familiar it became easy for collecting the water for further use.

There is a different variety of rainwater tanks available as per the need and requirements of the individual. These tanks differ in longevity, cost-effectiveness, and more. For example Poly Rainwater Tanks Adelaide. Install the tank and that’s it? NO! The tank needs maintenance regularly. Read further to know more.

  • Regular inspections

Gutters are one of the import catchment areas for the rainwater tank. They are usually open and have a lot of leaves, debris, and dirt getting collected. This could be a bit of a problem when not removed and taken care of regularly. Cleaning the gutter regularly improves the water collection efficiency as well as the quality of the water.  

  • Do not forget the gutter mess

Messes are installed to keep the insects away over the time these messes get stuck with insects. This increases the risk of diseases due to the unhygienic condition of the mess. When cleaned regularly and properly reduce the possibility of the insects and debris sticking to the mess.

  • Keeping a check on the quality of water

One must be aware of the quality of water that has been collected in the tank. This water can be discolored, odorous, contaminated, or have soluble impurities in it. This needs to be figured out before that water is further used. This has a high health risk. So after every couple of months, one must keep checking on the water quality.

  • The water pump needs to be taken care of

Water conservation can be more efficient when the pump is maintained regularly. Damaged pumps can cause the water to leak and hence a lesser amount of water utilized for productive use. Apart from it, rainwater contains a lot of sediments and minerals that can damage the pump. So checking up on the pump at least once in six months is recommended.

  • Tank inspection - Desludging and structural integrity

We have seen till now every exterior component that has a contribution to the collection of the water in the rainwater tank. But what about the tank? Do it does not have a requirement of inspection or maintenance? It surely has. The interior of the tank is vulnerable to buildup over time. Especially the bottom of the tank. The sludge gets settles down. When it rains the flow of water in the tank increases with it increases the possibility of sludge stirrup and mix with the water. This makes the water dirty. Hence desludging reduces this issue. 

Apart from it the structural integrity of the tank also needs to be check for all possible leaks and damages.

End line!

Make sure you get the right tank installed though the most popular and widely used is Poly Rainwater Tanks Adelaide. As we have known how minute things can affect the water quality and storage it is better to keep these things in mind.

Source: Rainwater tank maintenance guide on everything you should know

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