How to Protect Your Home with Roller Shutters

12 December 2018

Roller shutters are an incredible way to protect your home. They can protect your home from a range of nasties, including:

  • Home invasions and burglaries
  • Weather, including cold, rain and sun
  • Pests and insects
  • Prying eyes

On top of this, roller shutters are an incredible design feature for your home. They can increase curb appeal and help you secure the price your home deserves when sale time rolls around.

With energy prices always on the rise, you'll be happy to know that roller shutters are one of the most effective ways to lower your heating and cooling bill. They add an extra layer of insulation to areas of your home where there is none. With less heat and cold entering your home, your air-conditioner and heater won’t have to work quite so hard.

Every home should be a fortress. Somewhere you can feel entirely safe. While keeping out bugs and weather is important, the most vital function of your roller shutters is to keep thieves and home invaders out.

Here’s how you can do that.

Always Begin with a Security Assessment

A good roller shutter provider will be happy to visit your home and conduct a security assessment. This assessment will take into account weak points in your home and include suggestions about where roller shutters will best serve your home.

This assessment will also take into account things like sun and weather frontage, as well as areas of your home that would benefit from having a shutter fitted to block external noise from a busy street or other sources. 

Enlist a Professional

It doesn’t matter how handy you are, it’s always best to have your shutters installed by a professional. You’ll find plenty of DIY guides but do you really want to trust such an important element of security and protection to an internet guide?

A professional installation will also protect your product warranty, and ensure you’re covered in all eventualities.

Choose an Option That Suits You

There is a huge range of roller shutters, so don’t think that installing roller shutters will make your home look like a prison. Even heavy-duty options will provide plenty of security and weather protection without detracting from the overall design of your home. In fact, there are so many colours available that you’ll find something that improves the design of your home. 

Understand Your Weak Points

Burglars choose windows because they're easy entry points. They rarely break glass, because this is too noisy. Instead, they use crowbars to remove the frame. In summer, many of us leave our windows open, and it is incredibly easy to remove a flywire frame. 

With a roller shutter, your remove this entry point and you can even leave the window open without weakening your home’s security. 

Pay for Quality

The saying, ‘cheaper is better’ is never true. In all aspects of life, you get what you pay for, and you should always opt for quality shutters and quality service. The company you select should be happy to come out and check on the shutters and perform any repairs. They should also offer an upfront price for the product and the installation, so you know exactly how much everything will cost, right up until the last shutter has been bolted on.

Protecting your home is easy with roller shutters. Just make sure you get a professional to carry out an inspection, provide a quality installation and give you a fair and upfront price.  


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