How to spruce up your deck

09 March 2018

Sikkens recommends re-coating the deck every 12 to 18 months to maintain the quality, durability and appearance of timber. And autumn is a great time to rejuvenate a deck after the harsh Australian summer

Some decks will require a simple clean with either a mild detergent solution or a cleaning product to remove embedded dirt, grease and grime. However, if the deck coating is peeling or flaking, it may be necessary to sand the surface before re-coating.


Before getting started, check all nails and screws are countersunk below the surface to avoid damaging the abrasive.

Depending on the condition of the deck you might need to sand and then apply a cleaner for a 15-minute-deep clean that will allow the new coating to properly penetrate and adhere to the timber for long lasting protection.

Mirka’s direct electric random orbital sander (DEROS) is a compact, powerful and dust-free sanding solution that features Abranet abrasives and a dust extraction system.

Get the right look

Grain and colour variations in timber make it difficult to predict how the timber coating will look once applied. Unlike paint, stains are influenced by the wood it is applied to so test the stain on an inconspicuous area of your deck or a spare piece of the timber before committing to a colour. For a true indication of the colour apply three coats on a sample piece of timber deck or tucked away part of your deck.

Sikkens Cetol BLX-Pro sample pots are an affordable way to test a stain for the best possible indication of how the finished project will look. An environmentally friendly, quick drying water-based finish that provides superior durability and flexibility, the 100ml sample pots are available in 10 ready mixed shades for decking.

When the preferred colour is chosen, use a deck brush to distribute the stain evenly, coating two boards at once.


Tenaru is the Australian distributor of Sikkens (premium timber coatings), Mirka (sanding products) and hammerite (direct to rust metal paint). 


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