How To Transform Your Room Into A Home Gym

06 December 2017

If your preference is to exercise in private, it would be a great idea to transform a room of your choice into a home gym. It can be your bedroom, basement, or attic, and it’s a great solution because it can make your daily exercise routine a lot simpler. You will be able to stick to what you've planned out and keep up the weight training or cardio exercises until you get to see the results that you are after. If the equipment you’ve got is jammed up somewhere where you can’t just hop on and exercise, then it’s time you dedicate a room to your goal.

Choose the right flooring

It is important that you chose the right material for your flooring. The most common choice is rubber flooring, but you can improve it with a wall-to-wall carpet that will make the room look better and feel more comfortable. If your choice of exercise is Pilates or yoga, laminate or hardwood floors would be the best solution. In the end, it’s all about how you want your gym to look and feel in order to drive you to do your best.

Paint and decorate

You don’t want your gym to have an industrial look that will throw you away from working out. This is why décor is an important thing to think about. For starters, there’s the color. It is certain to have a strong effect on your mood, so you'll be looking for a color that won't stress you out before you've even started. A good choice might be pink because it takes the negativity out of the room. Or, if you want a soothing color for your yoga routine, you can go for blue. Orange boosts enthusiasm and excitement. Green is both relaxing and improves concentration.

Install lights and mirrors

Installing mirrors in your home gym is actually a pretty good idea, and ensures your safety. When you exercise, you can look at yourself in the mirror, and closely follow your form, so that you don’t end up injuring yourself somehow. Then, there is the light. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking artificial or natural, it is an essential aspect of your home gym. When your room is properly lit, you are bound to feel more motivated and energized to work out.

Air conditioning

One thing that is certain is that you don’t want to work out in a room where the air is stale, and you find it difficult to breathe. This is why you should consider the advice of airconditioning installers Sydney and install a proper air conditioning system that will make your home gym a much more comfortable place to work out it. You also surely want it to be cool when the hot summer days come along, and warm when cold winter comes knocking.

Treat yourself

In the end, it could be a great idea to have a small roller card that you're going to stock with cold water bottles, scented wipes, and towels so that you can refresh yourself after you have finished your workout session.

Turning a room into a home gym comes with a lot of advantages. You do, however, need to properly set it up. Choose the proper flooring, paint, and décor. Install lights and mirrors in order for your home gym to make you feel energized and that you can keep track of your form. Finally, treat yourself with refreshments after you’re done exercising.

Victoria is journalist, freelance stylist and a girl a distinctive taste for home decor. She’s passionate about writing, sharing tips and DIY projects.