Important Facts About Demolition

08 December 2018

Demolition is undoubtedly the speediest phase of the construction process. A complete demolition of a house can be done in just two days. In case you are looking forward to a complete remodelling and some portions of the house are to be retained, then the demolition process will take a little longer time, approximately a week. Although the process of demolition is very quick and messy, it does not mean it is uncomplicated and straightforward. It is crucial to keep in mind certain facts before beginning the demolition process. If you start the demolition process without a well-planned strategy, there are bound to be certain financial repercussions eventually.



Here are some of the facts that you should keep in mind in order to have complete your demolition in a seamless manner.

  1. Do not try to undertake the demolition yourself: You may think that undertaking the task of demolition on your own is a simple and cost-effective procedure, but it is actually not such a good idea. An experienced demolition crew is an expert in conducting demolitions in the best possible manner and systematically. Hiring an expert crew is always wise as they would be accountable for conducting the demolition job properly.
  1. Keep your neighbours happy before you start the demolition: The demolition process can be noisy, messy and can cause quite a bit of commotion. Your neighbours will have to patiently bear with this for a few days. So, it would be really wise to gift a bottle of wine to your immediate neighbours to keep them happy and make up for the inconvenience they would face. It is a good idea to warn them about what to expect and apologise for the same, in advance.
  1. Following the rules to play safe: There can be certain rules and regulations attached to the demolition process and there are certain norms to dispose of the debris etc. You should be well aware of these rules and regulations attached to demolitions and make provisions to adhere to them in order to avoid any trouble.
  1. Never try to live in your house during the process of demolition: It is obvious that there would be dust, dirt and quite a mess while the demolition process is in progress. While the demolition process is going on, you should not be living in any part of the house. It is a good idea to temporarily move to a hotel or go for a trip until the demolition process is completed.
  1. Follow the instructions of your demolition crew: The demolition crew has loads of experience in undertaking several demolition projects. So, they usually have a lot of expertise in this particular field. In case, they have some suggestions for you, you should wisely follow them for your own good.
  1. Keep a contingency fund before demolition: You should keep a 10% extra contingency fund because there can be certain unforeseen expenses which may pop up while conducting the process of demolition. So, whatever estimate has been given to you by the contractor, you should safely add 10 to 20 percent extra and keep that amount in hand for safety.
  1. Reusing certain item after demolition: There are certain items which can be retained and reused after the demolition. There can be certain appliances, cabinets, windows etc. which can be reused after demolition if they are in good shape. This can help you with tax deductions and save you a considerable amount of money.

A demolition needs to be well-planned as it is not as simple as it appears to be. Following the above tips can help you streamline your demolition project in the best possible manner, without any hiccups.

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