Inspect Your House From Time To Time to Look For Any Electrical Problems

02 July 2019

 When we look around our house, we notice various things that deal with electricity. Lights, switches, outlets, and other fixtures are everywhere in our houses. Have your home’s electrical systems inspected by a licensed electrician to ensure safety. The electrical system is the heart of any house. For residential electrical services, only a well-experienced licensed electrician should be trusted.

The Residential Electrical Services Include

•    Lighting outlets and switches

•    New wiring and panels for appliances

•    Generators breakers and fuses

•    Troubleshooting faulty wiring and repair power to devices

•    Surge Protection Landscape Lighting

•    Panel changes

•    Smoke Detectors Electric Water Heaters

•    Ceiling Fans Maintenance and Installation

•    Meter Bases Surge Protectors

•    Overhead Track Lighting Installation

Modern wiring is safer than the ones used a decade ago, but the outlets pose a grave threat to toddlers. To keep children safe from electrical outlets, use cover son the outlets.

Call an electrician if you are facing below problems in your house

Strange Smell

The heat coming from an electrical outlet is a matter of concern. Have a look on any warm spots, if the socket or switch becomes very hot, switch off the appliance and call an electrician at once. Hot outlets and switches can cause serious electrical accidents at home. If the high power appliances like an air conditioner or heater have an excessive amount of heat coming out of the electrical supply, try the device in another outlet. An outlet which remains hot, even there is no device attached, may have some wiring problem, get it checked.

Flickering of Light

If flickering of lights is a common problem in your household, then it is best to call a trained Perth electrician to solve the problem. Flickering of light is mostly due to a bigger appliance which draws a lot of power. A trained electrician will help by moving the lighting to a different circuit.

Strange Noises

The electrical circuit should not produce any strange noise. The reason for the noise could be faulty wiring, defective appliance, or loose connections. If you detect a strange noise, stop using the outlet and the appliance from which the noise is coming, and call an electrician.


Sparks are potential fire hazards. If you see spark coming out of an appliance, outlet, or wire, don’t touch that appliance (wire, outlet). Call an electrician to look for the problem.

Extension Cords

Lots of extension cords mean there is a lack of outlets in the house. Temporary use of extension cords is fine, but don’t plug the appliances permanently in the extension cord as it is not the safest option, especially if you have children around.


It is important to inspect your house from time to time to ensure that your house is not prone to any electrical hazards. If you see suspect something is wrong, call a trained and licensed electrician for residential electrical services.


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